When she was young
she would run to the fountain,
swept up in the lyrics of
a misty waterfall.
Held beloved in a never changing world she mined a treasure all gardeners strive to grow,
lilies poppies and marigolds.
With time the sky darkened and the earth grew cold and no arms waited at the waterfall.


Photo by suswiss

135 thoughts on “lily’s world

  1. So, Holly!
    This prose is short and sweet(ish)
    You’ve packed a heavy message into very few words. Yes, one day there will be no arms waiting.
    This is one of your most powerful pieces!

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    1. That is something to seriously contemplate. I fear AI will alleviate a lot of the needs we have in the distant future , how distant is the question. Technology is progressing at lightning speed. Thank you for the great comment Charlie. It’s always lovely talking to you

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      1. Did you know that ‘Google’ has a motherboard? That motherboard itself Google as AI. I read an article years ago and they should Google’s top secret lair.

        Google herself knows more about us than we know ourselves. The words per-minute we type and the countless search engines we do. Google will use all that personal information against us.

        If we didn’t know better I say that is an invasion of privacy, don’t you think?

        Technology is evolving super fast. And its only going to get much more Orwellian.

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          1. We Floridians are deep oceanic souls. That is why the whales and the dolphins sing when we stand at the shore or play in the surf. That’s also why our head elves get along well with each other and wear flip-flops and sunglasses like pros 😎😎

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  2. Hi Coeur de Feu. The magic of childhood.
    I wanted you to know, we have a second grandchild. Little H. was born on Friday at 1pm. Baby and mother are fine. Older brother G. is getting used to the idea of having a tiny sister.

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          1. You are so sweet and such a great friend. We will get some wind but the storm is crossing the northern portion of the state. It’s been dreary here all day as a result of this torn out there. Take care dear Chuck!

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