At night we entwine
interlacing tendrils weaving
bodies stretching, limbs
reaching, giving way, every ripple
replicated in the amber sand.
Nights are as sweet as dew drops
on a rose and each breath is a vow.
A silent Oracle I inscribe Arabesque
across the grain of your skin
so that when you wake
you will remember.

102 thoughts on “Red Dawn

  1. I like the idea that a sigh, at the right moment, can be a vow.
    When asked why he did not say “I love you”, my lover answered, “words seem shallow”.
    You have said it more perfectly. ❦

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  2. …. On another note..
    A pal I haven’t seen for over 20 years, found my Art Gowns blog. She sent me 14 lbs. of gown worthy fabrics. They’ve been in storage that long… (le sniff whew) and I’ve been laundering with 2x the detergent amt. of a highly perfumed laundry soap.
    Nonetheless, there’s this piece I want to incorporate into the Tango Art Gown. Someone said the fabric was too fabulous, that I should make a coat. LOL! They don’t get it!

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      1. I’ll send a pic of the fabric tomorrow. It’s gorgeous, but I won’t know how well it works with the Art Gown until I finish the trim… getting very close… then will let the gown down, and see how the fabric works. ❤

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  3. I often feel like if we hoomin beans could realize romantic moments in the way you describe them in your poetry, we could live life on a much higher plane of existence. The song acts as an amplifier to those crystaline thoughts. You are the best Rene. 🤗

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  4. My romantic soul rejoiced in reading this masterful poem of yours! Honestly, you convey such outstanding images through your words….also really enjoyed the video! Thanks, Holly, wishing you a beautiful day 🙂

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          1. . 🙂 Oh yes, otherwise i will make it to be “good”. Its always a “German thing” to make lawsuits against anyone. Now its time against the state itself. 😉 Lets look how democracy really works. Best wishes, Michael

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  5. Bonjour jeune fille HEART

    S’il existe un sentiment
    Qui n’est pas toujours perçu a sa juste valeur
    C’est bien de s’être connu par les liens du net
    Sur WordPress
    Ce sentiment est sincère et profond
    Nos écris nous redonnent souvent de l’espoir quand la vie est difficile
    Quand tout est dans un climat de respect et d’honnêteté
    Voila donc pourquoi
    Jouir d’une personne comme toi
    Et un très beau cadeau et un immense privilège
    Que rien au monde ne serait remplacer
    Je te souhaite une belle et agréable journée ou soirée
    Amitiés de la Franche-Comté

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