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Blog of the Wolf Boy

Where Shadows Cannot Reach (House of Heart)

Without you I’ve become narrow.

In your absence I’ve forgotten

how to love and autumn is an ache

beneath my ribs crumbling like

my world the last time I saw you.  

I have captured your voice,

reassembled it in my throat

so as not to forget the sound

of glossy wings.  

I have dissected our bones

cleansed them of guilt,

christened them forgiveness

that we can believe in.

In sleep I sense your aura orbiting

above me so that I may dream in your light

where shadows cannot reach.

Your Reconciled Man (Blog of the Wolf Boy)

Our two hearts once united have broken
From whence they’d mended, so tenderly and mild,
Sitting now beyond the point of reconciled,
Our two broken hearts like a lost-love’s token.
Seven days since the world last smiled
Without you this…

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