Then, wisdom grew from fruit

and  time was a seedling.

All creatures spoke the same,

hymns of bats, the breath of horses.

We were winged and freedom

was etched on the soles of our feet.

Pathways in the earth and sky were

known not charted.

We step naked into the blazing sun

bare ourselves  to golden rivers and

awesome tidal thunder.


Dali and The Garden of Eden

art by José Roosevelt, a Brazilian Surrealist, illustrator/painter.



113 thoughts on “We had wings

  1. Beautifully written as always, Holly. Next time we have wings again, let us use them wisely to achieve a greater degree of freedom without harming the other living creatures.

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  2. “Pathways in the earth and sky were known not charted.”… So true.. Your wisdom shows clearly dearest Holly, may the seeds of time reveal all to those who nurture Gaia and whose freedom to fly with independent thought traverse the shackles of indoctrinated teachings..
    Stay blessed my lovely friend..
    By the way, I read your beautiful interview and loved learning a little more about you… And I am blessed to have you within my circle of blogging friends…
    Much Love dear Holly..
    Take care of you.. ❤

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    1. I do Brian, I seriously question it. I’ve gone through Dali’s works and I don’t find this, I have no other owner for this, I think I will have to say “artist unknown” If anyone knows who painted this , please come forward. 🙂

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  3. I want my wings back!
    I’m not leaving until I get them, or at least some wing seeds.
    I promise I will water them every day, and I promise that you are my favourite poet, ever!
    This poem is beautifully ethereal!

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  4. I read the interview about you, nice meeting you Holly. Who knew, a nurse and a wonderful poet. Quite a good combination…for me, with all my health issues you can read me poems while taking care of me. The comments where closed in that post so I decided to comment here that is open. I have a question of my own, have you ever took writing courses or have some formal training in Literature? You know you are very good, and is interesting that your profession is a nurse, which couldn’t be more far apart from poetry and the creativity aspect of it apart from all the other things that go with writing.

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    1. Hi Charly, I’ve been writing poetry and short stories since I was a very small child. My mom passed away when I was eight and I wanted to become a nurse. A childhood aspiration that came true. It is an odd combination but I think we all have more than one inner impulse in us. Thank you for the lovely comments and for your interest Charly.


      1. I actually think is quite rare when it gets to science and arts, for people to be good at both. Glad you picked a very noble profession, something good came out of a tragedy you focused it in a good way. I would be dead (not kidding) if it wasn’t for medics and nurses.
        Have a great day.

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  5. Absolutely beautiful poem Miss Heart. By the way I am a little annoyed, I could have told you straight away that wasn’t a Dali, after all Surrealism is my thing. But the poem is so good I will forgive you.

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    1. I thought surely you might come around to advise me on the painting but you were MIA Mr. Cake, it would have saved my distressing over it. I guess you missed my smoke signals. At any rate it’s delightful to find you here. I hope you will always find it in your heart to forgive my miss-steps.

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      1. Verifying art on the internet is incredibly difficult, someone thoughtlessly credits an artist, then it copied and copied and before you know it a Picarbia is a Man Ray. Or somebody does an ‘after’ and Durer is painting ray guns or some such nonsense. So I wouldn’t distress too much. I am quite forgiving so no problem there.

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        1. You’re so right, the web is often an unreliable source. In this case the owner of this painting seems to have given it a rather misleading title Thank you kindly, I too am quite forgiving.


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