House of Heart

Facing death
I step back from the light
into life’s darkness

The nights
after my death
my wife rocks
herself to sleep
in my favorite chair.

On the beach

I want to fly but fall like

a silent prayer.

My limbs are an anchor

as I slip beneath the surface.

Once struggling palms lie flat

as gentle waves rock me.

Seaweed strands of hair mingle

with the sigh of my breath,

I grasp the hands of my


my only thing of value.

Everything beautiful is here,

all that was lost.

Birds chorus to the stones that

mark the  resting place of a

thousand warriors  in repose  in an

estuary of flowers.

art by Abel Tasman

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71 thoughts on “Estuary of Flowers

  1. I grew up in the Estuary of Lisbon area, near the famous flamingoes. I’ve only recently discovered the word “estuary” in English.
    Love this poem Holly, it brings forth a thousand ground pieces of remembrance like dust of white butterflies.

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  2. Beautiful poem. Holly.
    This makes me think also that in 1963 I studied the distribution of flowers on the salted silt deposits inside an estuary. I presented my works at the University. They have been published.
    Love ❤

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  3. It was a research publishing with a technical language with a lot of latine words ( botany ) . Since then, others have published on this topic . But I keep a great memory of those study walks inside the estuary .
    Love ❤

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  4. “The hands of my companions, the only thing of value”, that line was a powerful piece. Value of having the support is an important thing in life and is very valuable. Fallen or standing, the heart holds room for all. This was a beautifully written piece Rene.🌹

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  5. Thank you Rene. This dedication to the sacrifice of our veterans who left their home and family to face an evil beyond human understanding and in so doing sacrificed their lives and ended an ageless lineage to the future is as heart rending a memorial to that sacrifice as any written before. I actually had to wait for the tears to clear before I could thank you properly. The beauty in these words is the sanctuary where the sacrificed rest among good company. For them, the horror of war is long past.

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      1. And my most heartfelt thanks for your service as well Rene. You chose a difficult but noble path and what I have learned is that is precisely who you are, a beautiful and Noble soul. I was called a murderer and coward yesterday because I served my country in three wars. I didn’t respond with anger but didn’t apologize for my choice to serve or apologize for all those who went with me, before me, and after me. The accusers who never served anything but their self interest aren’t worthy judges of something they could never understand. Selfless service can be anything that helps us further our humanity and it can be a long hard thankless job, but those few that genuinely appreciate what you do, what you did, what you will continue to do makes all the difference in the world. Don’t give up Rene. The House of Heart is a refuge to all who hurt. You preserve life as best you can. There is no higher service to humanity. Someday, we’ll come to our senses and peace will be the rule instead of the exception. It happens in time measured by many lifetimes even though we all pray it will happen while we can still see and feel.

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        1. Dear Dan, thank you for such kind and inspiring words. I have nothing but the greatest admiration for these men and women who have answered the call to protect there nation. That their sacrifices were denigrated is unacceptable regardless of one’s feelings about any conflict. Thank you for your amazing message , it’s so heartwarming and I have to admit brought tears to my eyes. ❤️

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          1. What? Me the best? See, Rene, you’re kindness is always present. I am thrilled that I can encourage you because what you share is a thing of beauty on this angry blue planet. 💎✨🌎

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