This is a day of  sun kissed

stones and blustery  winds,

of wild geese adorning river banks

their graceful necks and gilded feathers

remind me that I am nothing more than

an  observer  to that enchanted world.

Moss covered arms of  oak reach across

slanted waves   to  weightless clouds

passing  by.

Dipping my fingers  into green and amber

circlets I hold my reflection in cupped palms.











127 thoughts on “Wild geese and gilded rivers

        1. That’s a sure sign. We are getting lots of migratory birds here seeking a warm climate. I’ve had two young birds nest in the eaves of my patio to wait out the winter . It’s fun to watch their comings and goings. ❤️


  1. Those are such amazing moments. The awareness of being part of all that is and at the same time gifted with the treasures of nature. We are only guests indeed but also one with what is and such moments can make us feel this expansion.

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  2. It’s a magical world, when you describe it, Holly. ❦❦

    There must be some beautiful words to describe the frozen place I live in.
    I am inspired to go down to the lake, (across the footbridge from me), take some pics and write of the bleak beauty there.

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  3. Beautiful and timely poem Rene. I have Canadian Geese honking at me from the back yard. I never imagined I’d host a bed and breakfast resort for geese but I’m happy to give it a try.

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