House of Heart

Winter does not empathize
with withered branches
or displaced birds fleeing waves of
of frozen breath.
Her howling wind is a laugh out loud and
she hasn’t the grace to cover her mouth.
A tease of holly and evergreen
flicker at the curve of billowed thighs,
glistening folds of hallowed mounds
drift in other worldly sighs
ensnared in her exquisite binds.


art by Karol Bak

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73 thoughts on “She’s Not A Lady

  1. Oh yes, you describe this young winter perfectly. I loved the part of her laughing out loud and not covering her mouth, I definitely got a visual on that. Also, Karol Bak’s artwork is stunning as usual, good choice for this delightful poem about Ms. Winter storming into our lives.

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      1. LoL, just like my fully growed up daughter. She is an eighth degree Dragon Agashee and has whipped many a rude young man’s naughty bootie. She is lovely to behold but fierce when angry. Her battle cry causes bystanders to wet their pants and it gets worse after that. I taught her well. 😉 👸🏻/🐲

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          1. Yes, she is a tough Dragon Sister to her enclave of sisters and I’m proud of her. She prefers a quiet life and she is pursuing her dream as an adult that she set her mind to when she was 10 years old. Her name means Happy One in her native language. Imagine one so fierce with such a sweet name. 😃

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          2. I do hope your son is enjoying his college experience and learning great things. My company has a presence in Shalimar Florida if he is interested in a technology job later. They have an intern program as well for people going to college. When he is ready to consider a career, I know of one place I can help 😉. We parents stick together for our kids 🤗

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          3. That is an amazing offer Dan, you are truly appreciated. My son is studying for a career in medicine. He has a lot of years of study ahead of him plus an internship. We do stick together for our kids, they are number one and the future of a world that has been neglected. Hopefully they will do a better job. Dan, you are incredibly generous.

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          4. I see his mother had a huge influence on him as did my mother on me. He has chosen a noble profession, which is likely one of the hardest- a testament to his character. It would be my honor to assist if possible. I do my best to help young people get a proper foothold. They are our future and I want our future to be positive and in capable hands.

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    1. Thank you so much! I’ve just returned from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, so beautifully summery. I hope you are enjoying your climate …essentially we do not have a real winter here in South Florida but that’s ok! 😊

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  2. I saw that I commented on your original post, but this seems like a perfect description of today (or what’s to come). We had some rain and snow earlier, but fortunately we didn’t really get any accumulation. It is cold and windy though.

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  3. Succulent in its descriptive nature and ethereal. Just a note, the word “of” the ends the third line and repeats as the first word in the fourth. This may have been artistic license, and if so, disregard my note. Beautifully written!

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