Dennis Cardiff


It was a soft October night —
quietly fell the snow,
flake by gentle flake —
making domes on fence posts,
on mailboxes,
tracing upturned branches
of waiting trees.

I know you heard me
on the porch
(you always do)
thought it was
a stirring of the breeze,
or moaning
of the boards

to quiet times
knowing you are here,
I feel your peace
and come to you.
You know I’m here,
can feel my warmth.

I see you smile.

Let us sit in silence.
in my embrace.
need not be spoken
as we watch the melting stars,
listen for the chorus
singing somewhere else.
This moment
all that matters —
quiet filled with you.


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14 thoughts on “Melting Stars

      1. Thank you so much! Seems we both want to help in each our small way.
        I’m going to try for a Canada Council grant. I have an idea….. who knows?
        I want to tie it to the charity endeavour, in part.

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        1. Thank you, My Dear! I hope you have some really great celebrations planned! We’ve been to parties every other night for a week. That will get you into the mood for sure! Wishing you health, happiness and love for the Holidays, 2020 and always!!
          xoxo 💖🌹

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