This morning  I threw wide
that carved door of souvenirs.
The scent of sandal wood
filled the air and  missing
you was a stone bruise.
Tonight  I will walk down
to the shore,  that galaxy
of pearls and tumbling  waves
of frothy champagne.
The mangroves are filled with
flickers and blooms and the
sky glimmers with silvery mirth.
I could stay here until Spring among
the  honey cake dunes and not think
of you at all.



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87 thoughts on “Islamorada

  1. Ahhh, peaceful freedom is the sweet breeze of your words.
    This is wonderful, Holly.

    I came back, and now the page works! Must have been a broken link, and WP fixed it?

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      1. Hahaha! just reviewed the Footage I shot last night.
        Good thing I’m not looking for work as a cinematographer.
        Darn those cookies are good, esp. with the wine and the music.

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          1. LOL!
            I’ll find the best 1 or 2… footages, not cookies. We ate the cookies, but more are being made. Fab time to be Canadian.
            LOL! Guess who the baker is?

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          2. 🎵Imagine there’s no cookies🎵
            The musicians have planned Music Nights every other night for 2 weeks!
            I told them, I’m drawing on most of them!!!
            Yes, I know it’s the holidays, and the wives, gfs, bf’s pals all want to come party, but I want to draw.
            Aaarrggh! xoxoxo

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          1. Thank you Mr. Cake. It is never wise to look back, that you are open to my interpretations is heart warming.
            “After Bataille” is outstanding and exciting poetry, it’s rhyming so subtly folded it reminds us that you are a remarkable writer and more than capable of any and all forms.

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