I light my cigarette and turn to you

Within this dream  I propose we fly away

Your eyes so dark

whip my mind into arousal and your

rough hand  on my  thigh turns me

soft inside and everywhere

You whisper that my  hair so near

and my my full crimson lips devour you

Against waves of joy and sadness dreams are

always what it could be like

Suddenly hares chase foxes and Roebuck’s

hunt hunters and I bury my face in your

chest and to shield me from the terror you hold me within  bleak arms

and we fly away.


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280 thoughts on “Interlude

          1. LOL! There’s a Marmot, (genus Marmota), any of 14 species of giant ground squirrels.
            There’s the Malamute, a Husky – like dog.
            No, I’m afraid Marmite is a British yeast based food product. Comes in a jar. Spread it on bread, put it in sauces and gravies, make a hot drink!

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          2. I had to move due to a neighbour’s “smoking” habits, utterly bizarre toilet usage, where I live is gross, and I wasn’t expecting to be here for two years. Onwards and upwards (except for my hair).

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          3. It’s not really banned, but not many places sell it. It may have been temporarily banned. You can now buy it at Walmart.
            However, there were some ingredients issue at some point, and that made a problem with our FDA. I don’t know the whole story, but maybe they have either adjusted the recipe, or at least for export to Canada.

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          4. It’s a blizzard here! Nutella will have to wait. Tonight thick hot homemade soup. I see the doctor this week. Annual check up & I think I’ll grab a flu shot. There’s a new flu outbreak in China, and it’s related to SARS!

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  1. Holly, you may not have intended this, but I envisioned a transformation into two hawks that flew away to avoid the hunters. Do you remember the movie “Ladyhawk” from the 1980s with Rutger Hauer, Michelle Pfeiffer and Matthew Broderick? Their curse is he turned into a wolf and she a hawk at opposite times of sundown and sunset. Sorry for the digression. Keith

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      1. Thanks Holly. It is worth a look. I have a long time crush on Michelle Pfeiffer. Plus, since Bladerunner, I admire Rutger Hauer’s work. Broderick has the most screen time, but the story involves the cursed lovers who can only glimpse each other for a moment at dawn and sunset.

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          1. Lol… I want you to know I am not saying any of this because you have made my day okay. I say it because I see a lot out there. Everyone thinks they can write, poetry especially, but it is one of the hardest things to get right and the easiest to get wrong. There’s four blogs I read where the poetry is exceptional, all for very different reasons because the styles are different. Yours is one. BTO, I creep up to these blogs going…WOW. OMG. The writing is from another world for me in every way. So keep flying that flag. You need to know how good your writing is, especially in terms of the crowd. xxx

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          2. I’m fairly speechless right now but know that I am very deeply moved by your beautiful comment. I think you’re a gifted writer and your words are very inspiring for me, Thank you so very much Shehanne.

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  2. What I like most here in House of Heart is I can read your poetry and tell you how much I loved it. Romance and a connection with nature combined with personal freedom was what the Romantic period was all about and you capture it so well here in dreams askew from our daily reality. Splendid Rene.

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          1. I wouldn’t be embarrassed, it is a sign of obscurity and misprint time. Nobody knows what it really means, used as some form of protective charm. It was taking up as a Christian charm as well.

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  3. This is so real, yet soft, inviting and redeeming , Holly.
    I keep reading it. I love it!
    It should be the theme poem for a group that saves animals.

    Can you believe “Oron? I left a comment under that Brilliantine Stick Insects comment. I’ve suggested “the gloves”.
    Hope you love the new sketch I sent!!!
    I have to go out in the cold, but I’ll keep the warmth of this poem with me. ❦

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    1. Such a lovely message Resa! I did enjoy the animals turning the tables on the hunters! I was in Merritt Beach last weekend and found traps set up in the brush that separates us from the ocean. Further north a lot of deer stands in the woods. Cowards waiting for the kill. Naturally this is a romantic/passionate poem conjured by my overactive imagination. ‘Oron….lol!
      Stay warm dear Resa. I await the mail. Must have gloves.

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