82 thoughts on “Passion Flower

  1. Fabulous, Holly!
    Your poetry blooms for all of us!
    I am in the garden, because of your words. I wish Joni Mitchell cold read this.
    “And we’ve got to get ourselves
    Back to the garden”

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  2. That is blooming awesome. Seriously, the poem is wonderful, and the painting is a psychedelic delight. The painting made me think of “Flowers and Beads” by Iron Butterfly.

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  3. I love the thought of feminine beauty in the natural abundance of exotic flowers. The art you selected to go with your poem was a natural fit and brought an instant smile. One head elve mentioned they would like to see her under a black light. Do people do that anymore?

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    1. Good morning Dan. Thank you for the lovely comment! I’m glad you like the flower girl. She would be super under black light, maybe a pole. Your elves are corrupting me. Black light is used for lots of things, we use them in medicine to treat skin diseases ( not sexy) they are also used in hotels and in cruise ships to ck rooms for cleanliness. Ugh. Have a wonderful day Mr H. I see you have a new chapter up because I ckd , I’m still not getting any notifications, WP is trying to keep us apart. πŸ€—

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      1. Good morning to you Rene! 🌻🌞 I hadn’t thought of all the many uses of black light. I enjoyed your references, which made me think, maybe I should invest in my own UV light saber. I have no idea why WP doesn’t want you to read my dalliances in creative literature. Perhaps the WP minions merely want to save you from my corrupting influence. Don’t they know that is the best part of reading and writing?

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          1. The door is always open Rene, even when the WP messengers get lost and fail to deliver their notice of new chapters. You do know how to inspire and energize my effort to bring us a many layered story of love and understanding. After we get through to the end, this one will go into an anthology I plan to publish in the not too distant future. Then I can relax a little and dream up something else. Thank you so much for dropping by an visiting for a while.

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