Winter mists the window panes
with veiny tributaries that trickle
to the sill with a warm touch.
The trajectory of time trails run  off
down the mountain side an affirmation
of spring the honey-sweet deceit  of
white Oleander.
Remain here until the birds sing
our disparity, till reality overshadows
dreams and tears and dew drops blend.
Then we will part.



Image result for Painting of a beautiful woman with a pink Oleander

Art by Rae Williams at Pinterest

63 thoughts on “The Deceit of White Oleander

  1. You are inspired Rene! Each day you bestow a blessing with velvet soft moments in a sweet melancholy. I’m in Asheville NC at the moment, a Mecca for a new generation of artists who express the arts in broad swaths of style and tastes well intwined with the surrounding natural beauty of the mountains. I can see they possess an artistic soul akin to your own. To receive such blessings is the greatest gift.


    1. Thank you Dan, such a beautiful compliment! You are in Ashville? I hope you are not impacted by the bad weather moving through there. I love Asheville and have ridden passenger via motorcycle up into The very highest point of the blue Ridge Mountains, it was really nice to get back to that little town in the valley to that mecca of artists and natural beauty that abounds.
      Have you visited the Cherokee Nation in the Smokies…I hope so, it’s not far and connects with the Blue Ridge. It’s quite amazing.

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      1. Hi Rene! Yes, Asheville felt like home. The weather was rainy and a bit windy but not as bad as elsewhere. I love the whole bohemian style of the downtown area. I planned to take the Blueridge parkway back home but it was closed in many areas due to trees down on the road and flooding so we had to opt for interstate via Chattanooga. Still, it’s a nice ride. Making plans now to return and spend more time there. Doing it on a bike had to be an ultimate high.

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        1. It’s a beautiful little hamlet, quite bohemian esp for the Deep South. I adore that little cities quaintness though it may be developing into a sophisticated metropolis by now. I hope not. I was stunned at the vastness and modernization of Huntsville since I was last there. I have never been inside the Biltmore estate being overruled by my traveling companions but I’m very curious and infatuated with that mansion. I enjoyed your photographs!

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          1. Huntsville is definitely outgrowing it’s infrastructure and building is taking place all the time. We are starting to draw a lot of business from specialty retailers but to be honest, I do prefer that lifestyle of downtown Asheville and the outdoor opportunities it provides. I do recommend a visit to the Biltmore Estate if you get a chance. It is far more than just the house, we enjoyed the winery as well as the two villages on the Estate. And of course, the classic glass hothouse had lots of White Oleander in full bloom as well as a broad sampling of orchids and other tropicals. What’s to not like? 😊

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          2. I am so curious to walk through it. I have admired the outside and gardens. I’m a bit claustrophobic and Asheville sits down in the valley beneath the Blue Ridge and somehow I feel a little stifled there. Just me. Probably a hold over from being locked in the Preserve closet by my cousin. 🙂


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