House of Heart

Her lashes are coated in salt and her eyes sting
She  struggles with the links of an endless chain
never really  knowing why she is there
the beauty of a woman hiding from the sun
the  reflection in the river believes it could
save her.

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13 thoughts on “Hunger – Night Music

  1. Am rooting for the reflection. This is beautiful poetry. We should all listen to the reflection, even when it’s saying something totally different than the inner voice.

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  2. OMG!! I am special! I get to comment!
    Not bragging…… (‘Oron!)

    What a totally haunting image an endless chain is.
    The universe seems an endless chain, although its earth link will be gone one day, somehow the chain remains unbroken.
    This is a daunting thought, that neither science or religion can answer.
    Reflection may be our only saving grace.
    You pack a wallop in a few words dear friend!
    The song is terrific! ❦o❦x❦o❦x

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    1. Just for you mon amie! ‘Oron must be laying low today. Thank you, I think this is such a haunting song, very surreal and Florence is amazing. This is actually her only song that knocks me out.
      I saw them in concert about 6 months ago, they were great! Thank you Resa! Stay warm, stay safe.

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