Across a velvet backdrop
stars hang like crystals
strewn across the heavens
softly glowing lanterns
encircling tiny tealights
that wax and wane with
the out breath of sighs
dislodged they plummet
a streaking spectrum
in  the heavens
to vanish over mountains
plunge in to the sea
or diffidently fade into
a dark horizon
we are like the ocean
ebbing and flowing,
tumbling waves of unrest
altering course or still
as tide pools
hostage to the moon
until the heat of night
inflames our primal hearts
come out, ignite, be the fire.





art by Karol Bak

89 thoughts on “Primitive

      1. I read it, like, four times 😉
        As for WP and cell phones – such a pain in the patootie sometimes. Why I can like or comment some but not others drives me to distraction. Sometimes I’ll go through the reader which does allow me to (Why, WP, why???)

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        1. So I’m not the only one!.There are many blogs, no problem , then the others. The issue lies with the request to sign in. of course we already are signed in. But humor them, at that point I am flipped back to the WP sign in on my phone .. that’s when I give up.

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          1. Oh, no, you are far from alone! So annoying. That’s the worst part: enter all the info and it kicks you out! WTF? Weird that you can go through the Reader, though. Which is a pain coz you have to scroll down and find the blog you wanted to comment on. Who has got time for this nonsense?

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  1. Ahh, love this!
    I was roped in immediately with velvet and crystals!
    Holly, I can take these words into many aspects of my life, and they work.
    You turn tide pools into fire. xx


  2. Karol Bak’s Art has always captivated my imagination but nothing like when her exquisite work is clothed in your poetry. Oceanic, ethereal, and down right heavenly ventures here at House of Heart. My head elves hug each other and peer through my eyes like a picture window open to the galaxy. Clearly, no work will get done today. 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning Mr.H. Thank you for the mystical vision of your picture window and early visit to House with elves in tow, an inspiration as always. Have a lovely day be it work or day dreams. 🤗


  3. Goosebumps once again. Holly, exquisite are your expressions of emotions represented by the stars and the moon and the ocean. The stars too are hostage to the moon, not just the ocean. When bright the stars fade. I read this poem three times, slowly, feeling the rhythm, the ebb, the flow. As always I viewed perfection here. Brava! xo

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      1. I read your words and can just imagine you whispering them on the wind!! This was a super post.
        Especially, loved:
        softly glowing lanterns
        encircling tiny tealights
        that wax and wane with
        the out breath of sighs
        This was delightfully, delicious and hypnotic. Do you ever do audio with your posts??? This would be a good candidate??
        xoxo 💖🌹

        Liked by 1 person

        1. My speakers don’t work on my PC. So far I’m unable to get them fixed. Rebecca said she would like to recite some of my poetry so maybe that. You can hear me at Maxima, I recited for him on several occasions, his poetry translated from Croatian to English. It’s sketchy, that’s the first time I detected the slight hint of a southern accent. 😊


      1. An honor, Holly Hope you are having a Sunshiny Day!! Weather here has been gray, gloomy and foggy enough to make our pickleball courts wet – boo! Hope you are doing better there. Maybe even a ride this weekend? Ha!
        xoxo 🌹🌹

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