Scattered and exposed

beneath the rolling waves

I am sand surrendering to

the pull of the rolling tide

with no where to hide the

towering waves sweep me

up into the mouth of the beast

who is too weak to hold me

and I am  swallowed by the sea.


You are the seawall

a granite buffer between

land and ocean

Hardened with obligation

you stand your ground

when lightning strikes and

breakers crash  you do not

back down.

In your stony silence you

are not afraid and that is

the disparity in you and I.



108 thoughts on “The Sea Wall

          1. Maybe somewhere in my cache of stuff there is something that might qualify as surreal. Actually I think there are a number of disoriented, hallucinatory poems. Reference Wolves, I had fun with that one.

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          2. Thank you… of all the creatures Alice is fondest of the Cheshire Cat the most, Humpty Dumpty the least. Of course Alice does have a habit of making death jokes to the creatures, which naturally upsets them, but not to the Cheshire Cat. Humpty makes a particularly grim death joke to Alice about Alice, which is one of the many reasons she finds him so unsatisfactory. Humpty bears an uncanny resemblance in personality to your current president.

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          3. Yes and the Cat answers to no one, a cat can look at a King. Humpty is unbearable, I have written about his philosophical nominalism. A brilliantly deep episode, for a children’s book.

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  1. Oh, this is so good… The one who stands undeterred, unmoving, uncompromising against the one who capitulates, moulds, folds, acquiesces…
    Brilliant stuff your “off the top of your head” stuff…

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  2. I am sand right now… and the sea is taking its time swallowing me. But I remember a time when the same tide made me like granite, just long enough to get through the night. Thank you.

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  3. That is quite the difference in characters.
    I suppose it could be like opposites attracting, or a symbiotic relationship.
    Perhaps it’s the opposite of what I have just said.
    There’s more, but suffice to say you have created an ocean of possible emotion and realities with your verse.
    Thank you! xx

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  4. Hi dear friend…your post is the first post I saw…I love how much It resonates. We do love the sea wall, and come to lean in until it loses its wonder. I love your gift of words and sharing Holly. This is beautiful. Happy weekend to you. 🦋🧡💜❤️

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      1. AWW you are so sweet, it’s nice to be missed. I miss you too. I always make sure I visit your space to read. I take in so many words and write so much at my new job that my brain is tired. I thought of you today being in the medical field I wondered do you get tired too? …I find myself happy for Fridays. Have a gentle weekend ❤

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        1. I know you’ve been breaking in a new job, I hope it’s going good and you’re loving it. Its have been very busy, the census is full . It’s always crazy around their time of year. I think it’s the stress. Take care MM. ❤


  5. Such a dual meaningful poem… The all powerful in the Submissive and the Stubborn and the clash that both are tossed into the emotional Sea of breaking Waves…
    Another most beautiful poem that delves deeper than the sea wall.. ❤

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