House of Heart

Sheer scarves cover

a bed side  lamp

as night slips in on tiger paws

the swaying beams of a velvet

moon drift through  veils  of lilac tulle

Her egg shell limbs are  caught

in binds, her breasts alert gazelles

she is the red of womanhood

her eyes the shade of currency

Her mind is  his confessional

and there is no sin grave enough

two bodies

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74 thoughts on “confessionals and currency

    1. Ah, Resa you are a synthesist! These sketches are gorgeous and filled with music and color. Love them.

      Re: Currency, “I am a woman in love and I’ll do anything to get you into my world…” (written by the Gibb brothers) currency isn’t always about money. xoxo

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          1. Okay.. it’s in! I finished the unfinished pic, and had to take it under a spotlight. Uch.
            Still, it’s okay, and I can replace it tomorrow, if we get sun…..

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  1. This poem is an epic story in every line Rene. There seems a rhythm of sensual desire, a deep undercurrent of nervous passion on the edge of the abyss where submission to the fall is moments away. What she won’t do for his love is unknown and disregarded. How many of us dream for such a moment and how many more keep it in their memory to recall in quiet moments of introspection. Yes, I think this poem serves dreams and memories with exquisite accuracy.

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      1. You inspired me so much with this poem that I outlined a new short story in my mind about two lovers and their journey through life together. I’ll begin outlining it this weekend.

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      2. Ah, I’m afraid my reply has disappeared. I see Hans’ hand in this. You have inspired another story coming soon to the Dragon’s den.

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          1. I may insert it at intermission for the Cybrids. I’ll definitely let you know. Can I use your poem as an opener? Gosh, this is exciting 😊✨

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          2. Wooooo hooooo! This is going to be the best ever Rene. I’m going to write this in a slightly different style, sort of a Nabokovian flow that will dovetail nicely with your poem. I think this will have a natural appeal.

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          3. I think this effort will challenge me as I will want every sentence to tell the story in a way the reader can visualize and feel the characters as they feel. When it’s nearly ready, I’ll send you a link so you can review it to ensure the essence of your poem is brought to life in the story. I’m looking forward to this inspired story that comes to me like a dream.

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  2. Rene, of all the poems you have written, this is my favorite. It begs such questions and hints at so many answers. Always, I am in awe of your writing. I have posted this on my blog, I hope that you approve.

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          1. Gaurds? Gaurds? Oh. I meant “guards”. Like when you’re on night shift or week-end shift. We say “garde” in French, not sure how you say it in English…
            “Anyways”, no night or week-end shift…

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