When dreams pull me under
I call out across the ocean.
You meet me at  the shore
and there is nothing to  hold to
but silvery shadows that cross
and uncross in our slumbering sea.
I bend to you as fragile as  sea foam
tossed in wind rifts  you release
from unfastened hands. 
This is how I love you, a prisoner of repetition,
like endless waves you come and go.




art by Victor Bauer

76 thoughts on “nothing has changed

          1. In reality, Holly, you light up everyone’s life with your amazing poetry and your loveliness as represented by Resa in her adorable drawings of you in her art gowns.

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  1. I adore it here, where your poem has put me.
    Somehow I feel fresh and free, for a prisoner.
    The repetition is cleansing.
    A wonderful dichotomy of words and sensations, dear Holly!

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  2. What a romantic and poetic poem again, Holly. I love this line “I bend to you as fragile as sea foam”. A wonderful comparison of devotion and getting lost in someone. And the “prisoner of repetition.. coming and going like waves”… says it all…

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          1. We have a mutual admiration society going on then because your poetry blows me away every time I read you. You are incredibly gifted and extremely generous to make me feel such encouragement! Thank you Candice , this means so much to me.


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