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Remember back when you were a rock star

and I was a hippie angel?

How enchanted  we were with  our

heart  and souls bared.

Do you remember now that you are so far

away that night  you came to me

and I came to you and the rest of the world

slipped away?

We held one another,  made love and cried

and vowed to never to speak of how every time

the lights went out you hurried to my side

so tender, coming and then  going.

Young and in love, we named that month Eden.

Do you remember our anguished goodbye

Neither do I.


Resa and the Rock Star


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18 thoughts on “Resa and the Rock Star – night music

  1. The more I learn about Resa, the more amazed I become. I remember oh so well the bands, the live music, and the heart throbs. For Resa to actually be with one of these heart throbs, now that gets my attention. LOL

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