birds shelter  in my throat settle softly into a warm berth inert until they are shaken.
Awakened  they beat their wings against fiery walls, tumbling from  a Kafkaesque mind biting ears with teeth  like blades piercing the heart with unsheathed talons.
What is sacred they swallow.


art by Karol Bak

63 thoughts on “awakened

  1. It is a stunning piece of artwork…
    but those words match it beautifully…
    like birds, flying off into a place of deep forgotten mist with their sacred cargo.

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  2. Powerful imagery Rene. Ms. Bak’s art and your poetry make a tangible statement on the power of voice. The reference to Kafka was clever and took me in many directions at once with the poem. The Head Elves stood wide eyed and open mouthed for a moment. Then the wild conjecture began. I love it when my Head Elves do that. 😄 new post up from the Dragons and Karla and Viktor make their debut Saturday 15 Feb. I do hope the short story honors your exquisite poem, Confessions and Currency.

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    1. Thank you Dan. I’m glad you liked this and that your head elves are busy conjecturing ! I’ll be over to read your latest offering of Dragons and looking forward to the 15th to discover how you’ve weaved confessions there. You’re a gem 💎

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      1. I think the Dragons May scare you. But have no fear, there are more powerful forces to sway the heart and set a better course. We just have to turn down the party music in our heads to hear the message.

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          1. Oh yes, I know how my own Head Elves are up there partying like New Years never ends. I have to use tough love to get them to concentrate sometimes. I bring out my Sergeant Dan voice.

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          2. It’s true. I actually enjoy the rascals a great deal, but sometimes they just get caught up in the fun and then the next day, they want to sleep in.

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