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2016-08-12 12.18.56

Monet’s workshop at Giverny. 2016.


Bué the warrior. Polanco, Mexico city, 2020. Bué, aka Dave de Rop, is a Belgian artist living in Mexico.


The lady with the coat, 1927. Ernesto ” the monkey” Cabral (1890-1968) was a Mexican artist and illustrator in the major Mexican media of that time. 1927? Almost a century ago.

IMG_3885-A1 Ronis

Willy Ronis (1910-2009) was a French photographer. Those legs go back to the 1950’s.


“La peau douce” (Sweet skin). Montmartre, 2019.


The rider, 1999, by Fernando Botero (b. 1932 in Medellín, Colombia). The Botero museum in Bogotá is a must.

IMG_5065-Léger 45-50

Group in a field by Léger, c.1950. Léger (1881-1955) was a major French 20th century artist. Botero Museum, Bogotá, Colombia, 2018.

IMG_5088-Rouault Divino rostro 1937

The Divine face, 1937. Georges Rouault (1871-1958). Botero Museum. Botero apparently gave a great part of his personal collection to the Museum. That particular painting was…

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