Thank you so much Kristiana and FVR.


This is a day of sun kissed

stones and blustery winds,

of wild geese adorning river banks

their graceful necks and gilded feathers

remind me that I am nothing more than

an  observer  to that enchanted world.

Graceful  limbs of oak reach across

slanted waves to weightless clouds

passing by.

Dipping my fingers into green and amber

circlets I hold my reflection in cupped palms.

Copyright Holly Rene Hunter

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

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60 thoughts on “Wild Geese and Gilded Rivers – Holly Rene Hunter

  1. Wonderful poem, Holly. I can really relate to it. Just replace oaks with cottonwoods, and green and amber with ochre and mocha and you’re in my world.

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