There are times when I can see myself through

your eyes. My pale face so in love,

aching for the caress of a flaxen

haired boy racing through rolling fields.

Suddenly serious your adventurous eyes

sent yearning shivers through me.

I longed for your touch anytime and

kissed you opened mouth without


I adored your mock anger when you

chased after me and the awkward way

you looked down at your hands.

Soon Autumn threw its shadow on

sprouting wheat, smooth and wet.

Now, I listen to the soft whisper

of his breathing through a half

closed door and know there are

different kinds of love,

wild, ruthless, and unafraid.

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art by Rob Hefferan

117 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Love

  1. oh, I love this poem so much, Rene. It’s really beautiful.

    “Soon Autumn threw its shadow on
    sprouting wheat, smooth and wet.
    Now, I listen to the soft whisper
    of his breathing through a half
    closed door and know there are
    different kinds of love,”

    You really touched my heart sweetheart.

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  2. Goosebumps, Holly. I interpreted your poem as a love while young compared to a different version of the same love in the “Autumn” years. Different yet the same. Powerfully and masterfully written. Again! xo

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  3. Captivating Rene. This would be a perfect scene for Kara and Viktor in their younger years and then grown and wise to the wild, ruthless, and unafraid expression of a deep passionate love for each other. This poem speaks much to the heart.

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      1. Yes. We must all pass through those phases of love and if we are able to think clearly, we’ll offer no resistance. I do see our young couple finding their way down this golden path.

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  4. Your poetry always tells a story, that we the reader put a back story to… Your words always leave a lasting impression of wanting more, and as Marina left a ‘Sigh’ in her comment, I felt myself sighing for more… Love comes through many stages in its passion, its lust, its gentleness and its compassion.. Each stage is a ‘different kind of love’ and I wouldn’t have missed any of them…
    Your words always rekindle the heart dear Holly… You have a wonderful gift with your words.. ❀ πŸ™πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’œ

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  5. Hi, you have my Heart in de deck of hearts…..
    “Aching for the caress of a flaxen” . Thte at was a greate line (amongst others obviously)
    And just a great read overall, enjoyed it very much. It seems that reading specially people like you that knows this art, i learn from you, and i do apply it to my writing, maybe not in the blog- I did call it Crazy Life for a
    – So I steal your words and also the structure- I also said in my ” about” paged, that I have a… childish, ironic, sarcastic… Forgot about the rest, no, after that saying I did say ” you either love it or hate me”,
    What a comment……
    Foot Note (Alert!)- tomorrow is Monday! I know this for me, if you donΒ΄t like mondays, your are lost.
    Sorry about the comment by the way, long and obnoxius-

    for me just to say,

    A pleasure to read you

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    1. Thank you Charly , you’re a true delight. It’s always a pleasure to read you as well. You bring a smile to my day! Feel free to β€œsteal” anything you like from here. 😊

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  6. Just adore this, Holly.
    No one writes like you, no one.

    Apologies for being away so long. That whole project thing has mushroomed, & I had to do a special presentation for the director. It took 4 days with my nose & mind to the grindstone. If he likes it, there will be a Skype interview. Maybe I should send you the link. See what you think? xoxo

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