Then, wisdom grew from fruit

and time was a seedling.

All creatures spoke the same,

hymn of bats, breath of horses.

We were winged and freedom

was etched on the soles of our feet.

Pathways in the earth and sky were

known not charted.

We stepped naked into the blazing sun

bared ourselves to golden rivers and

awesome tidal thunder.

123 thoughts on “We Had Wings

          1. IKR! I’m sure that’s what they are! UCH… mine are really itchy right now.
            Hey, it’s music night! The band will be kicking in any minute, and my art supplies are spread out.
            Can I drink your share of the wine? I doubt you’ll be able to get here in time. xo

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  1. Just had a long Skype interview with the director from the project (you saw the presentations) I want to do. Fingers crossed. This is really a fab script… 1947! eeeee

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  2. This was a lovely uplifting look back to a more connected era. If only we could understand how free the mind, body, and soul is when we return only momentarily to that natural connection to our earthian ways. Now think of a life lived in that way. Makes one smile, doesn’t it?

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  4. Great Art Deco painting that
    has inspired you this beautiful poem. I like it very much, Holly. Wonderfully crafted. Paradise before the Original Sin? Can we as human beings achieve greater freedom even though freedom will always be limited as it is an inherent condition to the human being?

    These are my favorite lines:

    “We were winged and freedom

    was etched on the soles of our feet.”

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