Near daybreak eyes begin to close.

My mind steps down into our most

beloved poem

*In a dark time the eye begins to see,
I meet my shadow in the deepening shade …

Below  in spectral gardens

A raven sits motionless on the branch

of a skeletal tree greedily eyeing a

tiny lark all feathers and bone.

In the state between sleep and wake

I traverse birth and mortality,

a faint hint of earthy candles sweeps

the orb of my celestial dreaming.

Sensations of  pearls like tiny moons

fall from my open palm  into infinity.

And you,  whose sigh is a strophe

of sonnets, waits far at the boundary,

not spirit or  rose tinged snow

but flesh and bone and sinew.

Now  I am sleeping less,

roused by the wing beats of Boreal Owls

circling ancient Cypress trees,

their screech a fist  with knife edge

talons erupt through feathery curtains,

breaching my seclusion.

Dark traces  vibrate my hemispheres as

lofty breezes lift me  a spectral mist vanishing

over the valley to a moonlit hillside of sweet lea.

An ivory wolf lies beside me.

He is the scent of ripe wheat fields and

his eyes are the color of the eastern sky.


*In A Dark Time by Roethke (Stanza 1)

In a dark time, the eye begins to see,
I meet my shadow in the deepening shade;
I hear my echo in the echoing wood–
A lord of nature weeping to a tree,
I live between the heron and the wren,
Beasts of the hill and serpents of the den.

130 thoughts on “Desperate Garden

        1. You are so appreciated, this is high praise from a fabulous writer, artist, and gorgeous poetess. I am refurbishing a book I wrote in 2013, it’s free online but is a shambles from being downloaded nearly 4000 times. So, when I have it organized again I’ll send you the link. ❤️


          1. I’M SO EXCITED. And don’t you think having it DOWNLOADED THAT MANY TIMES means you should make it into a BOOK? People love your work. I read the original on line but if you’re redoing it, there may be new poems so I can read them all again with additional poems. YAY! That’s treat news. Thank you.

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  1. I’m not sure if your poem, or Roethke’s is more beautiful. I will say they are each moon pearls looking for an oyster.
    Holly, this is the perfect poem for all the distress were are living in today’s dark. I wonder what darkness Roethke was living in?
    Love xo

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  2. This entire poem blew me away. I read and reread, I wanted to step down and into its dream-like atmosphere. It’s full of beautiful lines, but this:

    And you,  whose sigh is a strophe
    of sonnets, waits far at the boundary,

    That is just so beautiful.

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      1. No you are. I bookmarked this it was so good and I read it another five times since. I mean that, It is wonderful. I love the lines you built it on and I do remember when you wrote about them a minuscule while back. I have to say I loved your building. Beyond belief I did.

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          1. No I’m not that. You are way way too kind. I just wanted you to know….credit always where it is due… I liked your work better here although the original is marvelous. For me yours was just…well…. It is brilliant. truly.

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          2. Thank you Shey, you really are so encouraging and appreciated! A bit of editing is often helpful. 😊Im going to have dig in the archives cause I’m pretty busy these days! I hope you guys can endure it ❤️🌹

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  3. I love it when I get to the end and realize that I’ve been holding my breath. Another stunning poem, Holly.
    And I love Roethke (and Neruda). No wonder I’m such a fan of your poems. I hope you’re doing well.

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      1. An all clear spring day in Florabama. That would be a lovely day, indeed. I’m doing well considering our unusual panic and mayhem that has gripped the world. I think a return to normal life would be a blessing we can all hope for.

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          1. I have faith in those who believe in doing the right thing. They will rise up to lead those who believe in a better future. Everyone else will just keep searching endlessly for toilet paper.

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          2. We did fly through February looking to spring and waiting for those first days of clover scented air. We somehow had forgotten all the bugs and pollen that rides those waves. One thing I enjoy is the traffic is reduced to Christmas morning levels.

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  4. Bonjour mon ami amie HEART

    En ce jour de printemps je viens te saluer
    C’est le plus beau jour ou tout renaît
    Les arbres vont fleurir , la nature vas prendre de la splendeur

    Dommage il faudra attendre pour en profiter

    Aujourd’hui le plus gros handicap la peur
    Mais pensons que
    La plus belle chose et l’amour
    Je te souhaite une belle fin de journée ou de nuit ainsi
    Qu’un agréable weekend
    Bisou Amical Bernard
    Que le réconfort de ses amis amies et
    Sur cet air de printemps

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    1. Cher Bernard, tes paroles sont tellement appréciées! Nous sommes tous dans le même bateau et nous sortirons de l’autre côté peut-être plus disposés à nous aimer et à travailler ensemble.
      Vous envoyer amour et bons voeux! Bisous!


  5. Bonjour Jeune Fille

    Pâques est un moment fort dans l’année, surtout lorsqu’on se réunit en famille pour une belle fête chaleureuse
    Cette année sera différente avec la propagation de ce virus qui nous sépare de nos enfants , petits enfants et amis ( IES )
    Et pour tous ceux qui sont touchés par cette maladie
    Ceux qui ont un proche à l hôpital
    ceux qui en ont perdu un membre de la famille ou un ami
    Toutes les personnes qui ne pourront être auprès de leurs enfants qui seront au chevet des malades et autres
    Je vous souhaite, à toi , à vous et à vos proches, de passer de très belles fêtes de Pâques
    En attendant des jours meilleurs

    Bisous Bernard

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