When I miss you

I  become so small

My body  could fit into the  heart of a

sea bird begging  salt with its pulpy


The scent of sandalwood remains in a

discarded shirt tossed over a bed post

where  I return and return.

The clouds unravel and tears rain

down in  shades of eventide.

Hold   me close in your heart like

the beat of a rhythmic railway

traveling  snow   covered alps or  the

black tar of far off foothills.



141 thoughts on “an unraveling

          1. Yes, that’s it. My hunger can be a craving too. What has Atticus done lately? Or, will Harari give me more insights into us? And, why oh why did Frank Herbert have to die before the history of Dune was complete?

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          2. I’m betting Nurse Ratchet doesn’t pop out until she is needed. And I’m sure my rascally Head Elves could tease her out and then we would hug her and run away giggling. 😎😤

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  1. “I become so small…”

    Those words conjure about a billion sacred precious moments, trying to navigate between my heart eats and others.

    But the soul that emerges through whwat you write is far from small.

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  2. Oh Holly!
    This is so touchingly true, for me. I feel, as small as you have so eloquently put into verse, when my love is away.
    We should all have a love like that! ❦🌹❦

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  3. Another wonderful poem with a pair of wide wings which I can use to fly towards you 🥰 💖🙏😘
    Sorry that I can’t show my compliance with pushing the like button! I don’t know how and why today it is something wrong between me and WP; 🙄😏 the fool on the hill 😎

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          1. I am still working. I am a night manager of a pharmacy. I hope we stay open. The cancer patience and other sicknesses need their medicine. I need time to finish the book. One day.

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