During the late afternoons I sit at the counter of Woolworth’s sipping vanilla coke watching the day turn into night or dollar green but it seems as Gershwin said, not for me. It is dog days and I am hot and tired and mostly luckless, angry too, my new love dying on the vine. I daydream myself into a hot soak in a fancy clawed foot bath tub sinking my dusty body into lilac scented bubbles. I imagine lying back with closed eyes as the hot water flicks at my peony nipples. I am what one would call self employed these days.
Settling for a motel shower stall I scrub my body that smells of dusty magnolias with rose scented oil until it glimmers like alabaster. Dutifully stepping into a black sheath and slipping on thigh high seamed stockings and heels saved for the occasion I confidently make my way onto Bourbon Street. At the corner the sounds of a sax carry through the open door of a darkened bar drift up the alley over the pink roof of a sad brothel. From my booth I stare through a prism of glass at the Dog Star and blow a kiss to the man in the moon already yawning at the deep purple sky.

105 thoughts on “Bourbon Street

  1. By golly, I think I met her at the VooDoo Lounge across from Congo Square off Rampart St. She told me things I didn’t know were possible. The lounge turned us out at 3 am and the cops by the door told us to go home. Who knows where that is at 3 am? This was mastery at work Rene. Visual, sensual, and dreamy with a tinge of wait and see. I do love the sax and ‘Lily was Here’ fit the bill.

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      1. I’m so glad you like it Rene. I have always wanted a blog to show a wider variety of good and quick read material. My Dragon blog is dedicated to my chapter books so it seemed confusing to me when I drift off in other directions. Now, we can all drift as much as we like. 🤗

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          1. Woot Woot! I like the idea of a cafe where artists meet, have some coffee, tea, or a nip of the Green Fairy then get creative, tell a story, write some poetry, sing a song, and in the evening listen and watch a live event.


  2. Beautiful descriptive writing Holly. I could not only see, but smell and feel the counter at Woolworth’s. We actually had one still in operation in our little New Mexico town when I was a child. Love anything Dave Stewart is involved with as well. Perfect match. 🙂

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  3. Just a quick note, Coeur de feu. (I have your weekly digest pending to read in my mail)
    I know your job will take you on the front line. I hope there are enough supplies, (Masks, gowns, gloves) so that you and your colleagues can be safe.
    You’re our heroes…

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    1. Dear Brian, I am thinking of you and hoping you will be safe. I am stressed the past few days as I can see the worsening cases and issues with Personal protection equipment, but worse a sense a helplessness. Thank you for your very kind message. ❤️


    1. Thank you Otto. I’ve never been to Bourbon Street as many times as I’ve wanted to to go to Madrid Gras. I considered Going there this year to celebrate my birthday but decided on Hawaii . I took some photos of course not aware of the pending chaos. Stay well Otto! Thank you so much for reading and commenting.

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  4. Thank you for a delightful afternoon on Bourbon Street. It was great to get away from reality for a while. I am now listening to Candy Dulfer and Dave Stewart on Spotify.

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, the other nurses and frontline workers who are daily risking their lives to save the world. You are heroines and heroes in the truest sense.

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  5. Beautiful piece of writing Holly it captures the imagination from the onset… And the sadness too of that blown kiss….
    Sadly too, our Woolworths stores are no longer in the UK…. … However I am sure other premises you mentioned are still flourishing… 🙂 Though just now I think everyone’s business is lacking customers, if they are allowed open.. 🙂

    Looking on the bright side of life my friend…. We have to…. Sending Huge hugs your way.. I clapped your profession last evening Holly and all the good work you do in hospitals my friend.. Sending via the ether our gratitude..
    much love your way…. ❤ and take care… ❤

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    1. I never got a minute last week for speaking to friends, neighbours, people with nobody overwhelmed wthi all this business LOL. In the middle of my older girl and her husband having to quarantine ..bigger lol too. xxxxxxxxx

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