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Rethinking Life

Charlene and Jenny are spokeschicklets  They hiked all day and talked to many friends along the way.  They did not come up with an actual cure, but they did find a number of things that might help during the crisis.  Here are their findings::

  1.  Go outside whenever you can.
  2. A frog they spoke to said that people should hop as much as possible and talk to frogs more often and more politely.
  3. Read stories by yourself and read them to others.
  4. Eat plenty of corn bread and ice cream.
  5. As nicely as possible, ask bugs and germs to please not land on you.  Explain to them how they make you sick.
  6. This is very IMPORTANT.  When you go walking bring treats.  But remember…ice cream melts and it’s hard to get it out of backpacks when it does,  So don’t bring ice cream on your hike. Bring seeds, as well as…

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  1. Aw…. the dudes must come along on the next one. It might stop them writing that blog postabout movies not to watch in a pandemic which is full of disaster pandemic movies and box sets… and lots of sob sob sobs

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