House of Heart

I’ve unfolded us like origami

Ripped apart our borders

Dissected the shadowed corners

of secrets forced  them into

the light to mourn like the hollow

bones of birds.

I have renamed us where every

memory is not an ache beneath my ribs

and every  thought is not an assault on the dead. 

My heart is the flush of peony

the color of healing scars.

pink carnations


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92 thoughts on “Paper Birds

  1. “My heart is the flush of peony, the color of healing scars.” Every word leads to this beautiful ending. The symbolism of the peony; royalty, virtue, honor, and wealth can show the heart’s rise from humble beginnings, from that hurtful scaring as a young bud to the full beauty of its bloom.

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  2. At a bit of a loss for words to thank you for this timely and beautifully written poem.
    Oh, let me try! ❦❦
    I say timely, because you end with healing scars. The secrets, the bones and the dead are gone before.
    I may not have interpreted it, as you meant it. However, often I can’t help reading your poetry, without seeing it through my eyes and heart. Sometimes, I’m sure I miss your actual point, but perhaps sometimes I understand you.
    Thank you, Holly! Thank you so much! xoxo

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  3. Like Lion Man has written “Queen of Poetry”! You painted another wonderful poem. Freedom at first! Excuse the late revisit, Holly! Btw: You new image in the bottom is “Angel like” too. 😉 Have a beautiful weekend, and stay save! Michael

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  4. Reading through all of your last few posts Holly, my thoughts are with you. Your ‘paper birds’ beautifully written, and those peonies, may all those pink scars heal for everyone very soon..
    We have all of us I think been ” Rethinking Life” And while I too do not ” Speak French”, We all wish to seek solace on sleepless nights in the arms of our loved ones..
    And If ” I Am Quiet” It too is because I am in Nature, watching the butterflies and the transformation unfold its wings .. My own “Interlude” has been to absorb myself in Mother Nature’s arms as much as possible tending my garden and my allotment, planting seeds as well as nurturing the seeds of thoughts planted within my mind as I observe and reflect..
    May you and your loved ones be shielded as you see unfolding the reversal roles of those predators.
    As we all can ‘fly’ when we understand the power within our minds and hearts..

    Much love my dear friend.. Know I send you love and gratitude for all you do in your day job, and the TLC you unconditionally give.

    Love and Blessings ❤ Sue 💖🌈💖🙏

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    1. Dear Sue, You are always there with soothing and inspiring messages that wrap around us like arms of angels. There are no words to thank you enough , please know how grateful I am to have found the comfort of your much needed beacon of light. ❤️🌈🌹

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      1. Dearest Holly…. Your comment alone and love you send me, make the whole of my journey worthwhile.. Thank YOU…. is not enough…. Stay Blessed dearest far away friend, who is embedded within my heart…. love and well wishes my friend..
        Take care,,, Hugs ❤ 💖😘🙏

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