I can watch butterflies

float weightless over gardens

Stained glass collages of

amber rust and brown

set in facets of sable veins

they hover over flowers

compound eyes and fluttery feelers

faces smeared flaxen

too fine for the eye to see

Free from fear

death is not a concept on

that mystical journey

If I am silent I can watch.

art by Nature Works

102 thoughts on “If I Am Quiet

  1. Maybe they are watching you, through the mystical connection that links moments both big and small, wild and gentle, thunderous and silent…

    and leaves them in your words, soft enough to be read without ruffling that sacred silence.

    Blessings to you, conjuror of butterflies.

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  2. Right now, I live in a world where every kind thing feels as fragile as the scales on a butterfly wing.

    Your voice will be a blessing in all such worlds.

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  3. Holly, beautiful words. The line “death is not a concept on their mythical journey” resonates especially with the Monarch butterfly. It is my understanding these beautiful creatures fly off from their spawning in Mexico and on their journey northward, die off. Then, their offspring dies off. Finally, it is their grandchildren that make it back to Mexico. The GPS on how to get home is engrained in the DNA passed on. It is amazing to me. Keith

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  4. You can watch in silence. Although when hundreds of Painted Ladies flock in summertime, you can lie in the purple salvia and they fly and feed all around you.

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  5. This has the beautiful warmth of a spring day in it. We are coming to life in spite of our fears and challenges. Nothing says carefree like a butterfly on a beautiful day.

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  6. OH! Our Queen Elizabeth is speaking to her Commonwealth, and the world at 3:00 pm, today.
    She’s almost 100 yrs. old. She’s been through a lot of craziness in her life. I hope she has better words of strength than our politicians. I can’t see how she could possibly do wores.

    I also forgot to say xoxo!!!

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    1. 🤗 I’ll probably miss her talk but I’m sure she will be be more encouraging and intelligent in her speech to her nation than what we’re getting.


  7. Something else..for your attention… ❤

    Leave a reply
    One header may never take down,

    Is a good friend who hangs around…

    A redhead whose verse

    Plumbs the universe,

    And I’m so glad she finds this blog of mine good ground! 😀

    Jonathan Caswell

    Referring to Holly Hunter and her House of Heart blog!

    The Poetess’ thumbnail…and them eyes!!!!! 😀

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  8. Rene, I think about you in this time of medical crisis. You are my heroine, as are the medical staff with whom you work. To say that my prayers are with you seems anemic. You risk your life every day when I stay safe in isolation. May an end to this crisis evolve to a point where we again strive to conquer this world with words and feelings.

    Many hugs.

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