House of Heart

I light my cigarette and turn to you

Within this dream  I propose we fly away

Your eyes so dark

whip my mind into arousal and your

rough hand  on my  thigh turns me

soft inside and everywhere

You whisper that my  hair so near

and my my full crimson lips devour you

Against waves of joy and sadness dreams are

always what it could be like

Suddenly hares chase foxes and Roebuck’s

hunt hunters and I bury my face in your

chest and to shield me from the terror you hold me within  bleak arms

and we fly away.


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10 thoughts on “Interlude

  1. Sensual, intimate and imaginative –
    the three things we all secretly hope will meet together and conspire in our precious secret moments.

    Wishing I could fly away right now… but living in the hope that my imagination will rescue me, as it has done before.

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  2. “Dreams are always what it could be like.” I think this is precisely why my dreams are so vivid. Such romantic effects one has on another in this inebriating poem is always a flight of fantasy away from the terror of seeing oneself live to work in order to live. Yes, thank the gods for dreams and lovers. Beautifully done Rene.

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