15 thoughts on “Singing To Birds

    1. I’ve noticed since the lockdown there’s a lot more birds and wildlife around. Less pollution but that will end soon as Trump is chomping at the bit to open every thing up … human life be dammed as long as it’s not him.

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      1. There have been many reports of wild animals moving into inhabited places. Out of curiosity I guess: where have they gone? 🀣
        The tramp is scum. I hear he wants to suspend Congress? Based on some obscure article? Be damned…
        You take care my dear Coeur de feu. Our daughter has sent us a picture of how she dresses up to attend CV patients or suspects. Practically a Hazmat suit…

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  1. You described this so beautifully. Just like another of your ppoems I just read about the butterfly. You capture the mood and feel so perfectly. Your really have this wonderful ability to write with a gentle touch.

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  2. Who doesn’t love a piece with tiny ballerinas in it?

    Some of your pieces conjure the tiny ballerinas in people’s fingers when they touch each other…

    Small treasures. They redeem so much of us.


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