Soaring above the rooftops of Paris PBH has gathered all the strength instilled by Resa’s awesome intuitive gift of creativity and with the enlisted talents of Tangle Heart (Tim Price) and Hyperion (Dragon Master) she challenges the enemy ( the snake/virus) Saving the models ( Dale, Shehanne, Gigi, and Marina, and of course RR ( such a diva) from abstract captivity which is essential to the finale of Paris Adventures so we must prevail.

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Art Gowns

In the last episode, Princess Blue Holly was waiting out the night by a Gargoyle on Notre Dame Cathedral.

When dawn began to break, she looked into her Tangle-Heart. It was oddly far away, on a distorted path. She could hear Rene Rosso’s faint voice. “Beware Evilomlap Etagloc! He has captured the Art Gowns models.”

“FYI – I had to let him think that he has captured me, as well, or he would discover our secret. Follow our Tangle-Heart, over the rooftops of Paris, to his lair!”

Hisssss….. cough ….. cough ….. Hisssss… Ah, Princess Blue Holly, I knew you’d show your face sooner than later!

See what I’ve done to your pal, Rene Rosso, and your precious Art Gowns models! I got the idea when Rene Rosso had her set designed to look like an abstract painting.

I left Ms. Rosso, as she was on stage. The rest, I’ve…

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