I  wonder about your kiss.

Is it the taste of sweet oranges?

Now Spring  hovers at my lips and my

hair is filled with flowers.

For you  a crown of fern and twigs

plucked from  stones of a river.

Wrapped in the arms of a gentle breeze

I fear we will never kiss

still my memory loves you.


A Little Night Music…






*Sophie Zelman: Memory Loves You

166 thoughts on “Intentions

  1. Lovely poem. The taste of kisses. One does long for them and imagine the flavors. I really like the song. The cover art is wonderful, as well.

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  2. Mesmerizing and relaxing music (you are my chocolate, oh the thoughts that brings to mind) I love the mood in this poem, a longing thought, a sweet memory brought to focus by the energy of spring and her gift of life.

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  3. That is one heck of a great piece of music!
    It’s not quite as great as your poem, though.
    Now, my memory can’t stop tasting orange and chocolate…… it tastes sooo good.

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          1. Ah… camouflage.. like the “Invisible Man…the “Invisible Hands”
            Hahaha… just got an idea for a bad guy, who thinks he’s invisible…but PBH can see him!!
            LOL! One of the news anchors made a Freudian slip this morning.
            She meant to say the federal government, but said the Federal Guilt! I’m still chuckling.
            😀 😀 😀

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          2. LOL! Who knows about the slip… although she did correct herself.
            Perhaps more news anchors should be more Freudian slippish?
            Yeh… will work on that, as PBH does see all!

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          3. Ahh, I thought that, but he would never upset the boat that’s already sailing. Also, NY needs him! Cuomo will be steadfast & see C 19 to the end! He won’t let people down.
            Uncle Joe will put the country back in a decent place. He will have a female VP! That will be good for the country. (Our Vice-Prime Minister is female, and I hope our next PM… she is awesome!)
            I’m thinking…. maybe Uncle Joe will be a one term president, just to get things on a good path, and then maybe Cuomo can give it a shot.

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          4. I know you will!
            But when I saw all those protesters demanding their freedom, and dump tweeting Liberate, my heart sank.
            Canada will have to keep our border closed forever with minds like that!

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          1. I can imagine. I’m alone with my boys and it seems we only congregate at supper time… they each go to their “section” of the house and I don’t have to fight with anyone for the TV (they each bought their own so…)
            While I’m usually quite the social butterfly, I am surprisingly not too miserable at home.

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  4. I love how the intentions of a kiss is filled with feeling and flavor and for that, it seemed it already happened through the power of love. Amazing words Rene, missed your lovely work. I’ve been so busy.🌹

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  5. Intentions intentions, we all know that what the road to hell is paved with. Still that is where you find all the best people. Beautiful poem with enviable brevity. Love the song by Savages, you might find this collaboration of interest as the vocals are by them.

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    1. Mr. Cake, it’s great to see you. Thank you for the the lovely comment on Intentions. I should know that the road to hell is paved with them I certainly heard that often enough but I think that is “good ” intentions so I won’t worry. I really love the link, thank you, the Savages are amazing and this song is wild and wonderful, the video is amazing.

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  6. Gentle poetics mixed with grntle choice of music from a gentle heart.

    Very nearly responded with a poetic youtube to this one but shyness won the day. 🙂

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      1. I love songs from youtube too. But was thinking of a poetic comment, from an open mike night… about things that touch us and leave us in a new place, even if we don’t seem to touch them.
        I figured it might appeal to your imagination:

        Lost Hearts and Magic Trapeze Costumes:

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          1. I guess we try a bunch of voices while we’re exploring… or waiting for things we half remember…

            It was refreshing to come back to this one again, if but for a moment.

            But that’s what places like the one you’ve created here are all about, right? Interweaving all these textures and flavours… and sometimes the resulting tapestries surprise us.

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          2. I love having your recital here John. It’s really beautiful , you have a wonderful reading voice and your poetry is lovely. My blog welcomes all things beautiful and weaving an eclectic tapestry is my pleasure. Thank you very much.


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