There is a need for
lips pressed the press
of hands seeking.

Here in my
straight back chair
hold back the firestorm
with your elegant hands
and with your lips
claim the hollow
at my throat.

Scatter  silk like
autumn leaves.
Allow me to fall
like  the ripe flesh
of sweet fruit.


artist: Lu Jianjun

106 thoughts on “saudade

  1. Your words fall upon me like “the ripe flesh
    of sweet fruit.”
    This is a wonderful happening!
    Lips to throat, throat to heart and heart to the world, you enchant here on House of Heart!

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    1. Resa you are amazing , your words are so uplifting , I’m so glad this little poem resonated with you. Your comments are more poetic than many poems because you are a poetess among all your other gifts. ❦❦❦❦❦


  2. There is so much to love in every short line of your poem coupled with the exotic art of youth discovering sensuality. You are the Poet Laureate of our divine digital sovereignty, headquartered at House of Heart. ☺️⛱🌞

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    1. Oh, thank you so much so much for the lovely comment. I always wanted to be the poet Laureate. 😊you’re too kind and very generous Dan.
      We had storms last night. They cane down from Southern Alabama (Florabama). 😊

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      1. You will always be the Poet Laureate in my mind Rene. Those rascally folks in Floribama sure stir up a big storm. All of my big plans have changed but with some good fortune for us all, I’ll be driving through Floribama on my way to visit my sister. I’ll check out the scene and see what all is going on there. We still plan to ride the sling shot ride. I told her she could just kick back and relax and I’ll do all the screaming for both of us. She can’t wait to see that spectacle. 😂😫

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          1. I definitely will buy the video and take some before and after photos. My sister is the perfect partner in crime. We looked a lot like twins when we were teens and we both liked mischief that had a lot of grins packed into it. I know precisely what she’ll say right before we blast off. “Are you holding my beer or am I holding yours” which is code for who takes the lumps for this one. That will be followed closely by, “oh lord, why do I hang out with you?” Then finally, “Dammit Dan, I’m not going anywhere with you again” but, she will, she can’t help herself. We’re a team.


          2. Ha ha ha! I’m almost positive we’ll be doing our best to make sure my little grand nephew doesn’t want to spend the day getting shot into space with all of us. My niece will likely be giving us the evil eye for bringing her along too.

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