Insects large and small flit

through the  lemony filter of dense canopies.

In hushed whispers we point to a clearing

where a roe fawn nibbles at pine needles.

Clouds  soft as cotton brush the crowns of ancient trees

below  a  hanging mist clings to  blonde foothills.

You pluck a  marigold to tuck behind my ear

your  golden hand print left on my thigh.

I wind a garland of leaves around your wrist

close enough to run my fingers through your hair

carry your scent back home with me.



Deborah Gryka  “Turtle Woods”




137 thoughts on “soft as cotton

  1. I love how soft and intimate this is,
    how those beautiful textures are filtered
    into small acts of tenderness.
    Where the one hits the other,
    so much magic happens.

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  2. What a beautiful scene you paint Rene. What could be better than to appreciate nature while appreciating one another. The picture of the fawn is a perfect match for this romantic melody.


          1. You know, I went to Apple to get away from Microsoft problems. Little did I know I would pay four times as much money for ten times more problems. We can’t win this game until we are old enough to chuck it all and go sit on the porch with a good bourbon and a book.

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          2. Ha ha ha! Indeed we do. It was my HVAC guy coming to do the summer maintenance. They are very finicky. If I didn’t answer, he wouldn’t come by. I still am daydreaming because it’s a great day for it 🏄‍♂️

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          1. Yes nature is learning to breathe….. in a new kind of way.. As skies clear, water cleansers… And traffic becomes silent.. We hear Nature far more… And perhaps we are appreciating her much more as we appreciate Natures presence…
            So Happy your world is thriving with more birds.. 🙂 ❤ ❤

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  3. You, your words, make me remember fields of dandelions when I was a child.
    I would make dandelion crowns, place them on my head and feel like a fairy in the field.
    I would hold buttercups under my chin, and know it was foretold that my golden love would caress me one day!
    The scent I carried home was wild, yellow and free.
    Thank you, dear Holly, for reminding me! xoxoxo

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      1. Thank you Holly. I was lucky to get out. The island just announced another 25 days of lockdown. I have been preparing for my recovery, prepping the apartment, laundry, stocking the fridge. I am so behind on replying to lovely message like yours.

        Please forgive me.

        And it was a beautiful poem.

        ON a different nnote, sometime next month, I will hit 10,000 followers. I am preparing a special thank you post. You are included in that post. Hope it is oklay.

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        1. Preparing for the recovery is an excellent move. I’m so glad you missed the lockdown and were able to finally get back. To be included in your post for your followers is not just okay but a huge honor Drew. Sending my most positive vibes to you. Stay safe.

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