Nights while you sleep

 my lips are so close I can

draw your breath in like an

infant at its mother’s breast.

I  run my fingers down the curve

of your spine lean in to breathe

your smokey scent.

I have entered that golden part of you

immersed the sea that claimed me in

oceans of fiery sunsets.

When our hearts grow mute we will know

we have drifted too near the sun


art by Karol Bak



181 thoughts on “The Gold

          1. Oh darlin’… it is very good. Mind you, my son made coffee-brandy creme brulee… I had a couple of spoonfuls that my other son didn’t finish.

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          2. They woulda been!! I have been wise in this time of crazy. I have avoided making anything that I know I will scarf in one or two sittings 😉

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          1. Started another drawing. The post is coming along, but I won’t have a good day with sun to take pics of art until Wed/Thursday.
            I embellished the RR drawing, and it looks even better!

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  1. Rene, this poem is one I enjoy reading over and over again. It inspires a million thoughts, a few daydreams, and countless new stories to write come into view. What a lovely way to start the day.

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          1. You should, it is masterful poetry. Poetry inspires me and I read all kinds from every era and genre but the weird thing for me is the biography of the poem disappears as I sink into the words. You definitely have a beautiful gift and masterful skill with writing poetry and short stories.

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          2. You are a lighthouse to all the souls that sail by Rene. I find it truly inspiring that your life is a dedication to the well being of others and in your poetry that care extends to a beautiful collection of spiritual love and longing offered for only the price of one’s time well spent. You’re the best! 🤗

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  2. Splendid, my dearest Rene. Splendid.
    “When our hearts grow mute we will know
    we have drifted too near the sun”
    What an image. What a feeling. Only your unbelievable talent can fascinate us and make us feel so deeply.
    This is a stunning piece Rene. It caresses the soul.
    Sending you plenty of love and flowers my dear.

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    1. immer der gleiche text, egal ob es zum beitrag passt. nochmal meine antwort:
      denken (grübeln) kann die welt verändern! ich kann nicht, so wie du, mein hirn einfach abschalten! warst du früher mal ein guter lehrer? ich bin so froh, dass die jugend mit fridays-for-future deiner behauptung widerspricht und das gegenteil beweist.


  3. I have entered that golden part of you.,
    How did I miss this glorious post.

    It’s a beautifully flowing verse, Holly. I just wanted to keep on reading.

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