By morning I have renamed us 
when I speak a thousand thrumming
 wings escape my throat 
those crimson wounds you have 
christened with your hands
a forgiveness I can believe in

I've etched your voice in memory
so not to forget the glossy sound
of humming wings when you speak
Your eyes orbit above me
brilliant satellites so that I
may dream free of shadows.

I've pared us down forgotten what  I knew of love and when I try to speak  a thousand wings catch at the cache of my throat.   


Night Music





109 thoughts on “Losing June

      1. Did some of your dear family members live by the sea, Holly. It is weird but at reading your poem I imagine you lying on the sand and the seaguls above you being crying . This meant a poem may resonate in different ways according the people .

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        1. I do live by the ocean Michel, it influences my poetry. I really don’t like to read ambiguous poetry. I hope you enjoyed reading this though. Sending love!


  1. Love the song! First time hearing it, for me.
    Still, your poem rings sweeter to me.
    I’d like to hear Jewel sing your poem. Many of your poems could/should be sung.
    Sending much love! xoxoxo

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      1. xoxoxoxo
        Hahaha – had Hendrix blasting for hours last night. Very different drawing to his music. It might take a bit, but it’s inevitable that Boogapony will have her way. xo

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  2. Ah my friend, as I was about to put out the light and turn in, there you were on my reader and boy, am I glad that was one light I never doused. This marvelous and deep and I love it xxxxxx

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  3. Holly, your poems are mesmerizing and this one is no exception. I love that song and Jewel, too. After browsing through other comments, I can’t help but agree with Resa that Jewel could sing your poems. What a lovely concept. Take care, Lauren 💕

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  4. Beautiful poem Holly… You have a way of weaving words that etch their own memory into the hearts of those who come to read them Holly…
    Also a lovely choice of song… One I had not heard of or the artist…
    Hope you have your own wonderful new week in the month of June.. ❤

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    1. Sue, thank you for the lovely compliment, you have a way of brightening any day and touching the heart of us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Have a wonderful day dear friend. I’m thinking of you. ❤️

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      1. Holly my dear friend… You words often brighten my day and your replies even more so… So thank YOU… We uplift each other, Now all we need do is uplift the world and we are home free LOL.. 🙂

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  5. I always take in the words and the images or songs you include with your poetry. Such a synergy of the senses, a composition like a symphony expertly composed and conducted. And all I can come up with is WOW! My Head Elves are looking out from behind my eyes in stunned silence. That’s quite an accomplishment Rene, to leave those rascally Head Elves in such a blissful state of silent longing.

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    1. I’m so glad you like this and the music Dan. The head elves are the bar by which I measure the quality of all my poems. That they were stunned ( hope that didn’t hurt) ma oh es me feel pretty good about this. 🤗

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      1. Ha ha haaa! It was a good stun Rene 😍😍😍. The elves are all holding up a 10 score and swaying in sync. Next thing you know, they’ll be pestering you for an autograph. 🤗

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  6. Bonjour mon Ami Amie HEART

    Même si ce n’est que du virtuel

    Prenons un café ensemble et discutons d’un monde meilleur
    Où règne le bonheur

    Discutons de nos souhaits
    Qu’ils se réalisent

    Discutons d’avoir une grande maison
    ou tous ensemble , amis du monde , on se rassemblera chaque saison

    Rêvons d’une nouvelle société de paix
    Où chacun de nous aura son nid

    Rêvons d’un monde paisible
    Où l’on oubliera les soucis les plus pénibles

    Rêvons ensemble de ce futur
    Où l’on effacera le passé le plus dur

    Partageons d’un sourire éternel
    en survolant l’immense ciel ou la joie sera pure

    Tu vois mon ami , amies du monde
    je dépose un petit peu de bonheur dans le creux de ton cœur, te souhaiter ce qu’il y a de meilleur

    bonne fin de journée bisous Bernard

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