Our favorite designer/fashionista Resa from Art Gowns has an amazing history in the film industry (as many of us know). She is taking us on a magic carpet ride through her experience in the making of the Showtime film documenting the life of the legendary Jimi Hendrix.
Boogapony Holly will be hosting the awesome trip. Please notice how gracefully she moves among the scenes effortlessly alternating from one gorgeous Resa Model Gown to another. BPH couldn’t have done it without the help of Resa (She’s awesome).
Just between us you may on occasion find Resa wearing the shirts from this movie as she actually owns them now. That’s to die for!

Hurry over, you don’t want to miss Resa’s Jimi Hendrix Experience and her gorgeous gowns at https://artgowns.com/2020/07/02/hangin-with-boogapony-jimi/.


Art by Resa McConaghy

12 thoughts on “Resa’s Jimi Hendrix Experience

  1. Thank you for this awesome intro/promo dear Holly! I was on your actual blog. I’m still having commenting issues, so I raced over to the Reader, where I can still comment from!
    xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo Thank you for hangin’ with me!

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    1. Dear Resa, you are so awesome and incredibly talented, it’s such an honor to tag along and I will forever hang with you in any adventure you care to go on because that’s where the fun is! xoxoxoxoxo

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          1. Me too!

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          2. Can you believe we are speechless….love jimi, love Watchtower, love you… blown away here girl!

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          3. We slaved on this post for weeks now!
            Me, hiding from #^%&… drawing, working on an Art Gown, you right there in the trenches. Emails galore.
            You/we deserve a rockin’ Boogapony moment!

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          4. Just got some! 🍷 The border is still closed, so why don’t I drink 2 glasses, one for each of us, and you do the same!

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