I will always disappoint you

my verse is no where near roses

pigment stained and tear smudged

overflowing with sudden downpours

a spiraling monsoon that can

not be held back with the tenderest

of sighs.

I tell lies lovingly

each line a litany of devotion

or a buzzed serendipity.

I will fall in love with the sleeved

heart of every poet.

Save me from obscurity, give me a purpose

sugary rose petals or the embryo

of a pearl washed ashore.


135 thoughts on “Poetry and Tea Roses

  1. “The embryo of a pearl washed ashore” –

    that’s so, so YOU…

    the poetry of the downpours and the overflows and the smudges… visceral and exotic all at once. Some of them, they feel like the lovemaking of things that live behind sentences.

    So I’ll rest here a while in the shadow of such passion.

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    1. Such a lovely message John. I’m very moved by your words and appreciate your generosity and beautiful comments that inspire me. You are such a gifted writer, you make me feel very good about this poem. Thank you, thank you🌺

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  2. It’s hard to be an empty thing looking for fullness, or a full thing looking for anything. And knowing how to conjure realms which can seduce is, in itself, a fatally seducing thing. I can, thus, really empathise with your poem, Holly.
    You’re great, but you know that. 🙂

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  3. I will fall in love with the sleeved

    heart of every poet.

    Wow. In love with that line and the whole poem itself. Stellar writing. Discovered you through the lonely blogger’s blog and I’m so so happy about it. Can’t wait to read more of your poetry. 💙💛❤️

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  4. Somehow, I see the opposite.
    When near your poetry, roses will disappoint.

    “But let us not talk falsely, now” … your loving devotion’s litany burns an incense in the soul of every poet’s heart. I await the final pearl, for a special, delicate necklace!

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  5. “mignonne, allons voir si la rose
    qui ce matin avait éclose
    sa robe de pourpre au soleil
    n’ a pas perdu cette vesprée
    les plis de sa robe pouprée
    Et son teint au vôtre pareil ”
    Pierre de Ronsard ( who did not know the tea roses !! 🙂

    Love ❤

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  6. This was so vividly enchanting with such a universal message, Holly! Such relatable anxieties that resonate with all artists – those gnawing doubts of aspiring to match up to our peers. ‘Pigment stained and teared smudged’ – all the discarded rough drafts and late-night heartaches that end up crafting something truly beautiful. ❤

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    1. Thank you Tom, writers are never really confident are they? Your words mean a lot, you’re such an awesome writer and you inspire me very much. Of course everyone who stops to read or comment on my scribblings mean so much to me, I deeply appreciate it ! ❤️

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  7. Such a beautiful description of the poet’s heart and soul poured into words carefully arranged and yet still an emotional flood. It is a confession of humility and love for the beauty of poetry which is in itself the inner most lens of the poet peering through that emotional flood which transforms into spellbinding words. And the image? Perhaps the Poet Laureate of dreams.

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      1. Always happy to visit. I am sorry that I am only barely around lately. I had never thought that my life could become so busy… However, I enjoyed your poem a lot, dear Holly 💖

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  8. Oh, my I really loved this, Holly!! I love the way you so delicately and delightfully weave your words!!! Especially, loved this line – “I tell lies lovingly
    each line a litany of devotion
    or a buzzed serendipity.”
    Hope you are having a great week!! Please be careful out there, Dear!!

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      1. Always an honor, My Dear!! Yes, hence my worry and thoughts and prayers for You and yours!! Every time I hear the horrendous news about Covid out of Florida I think of You!! How far are you from Miami-Dade County? As always be very, very safe, Dear!!! You working in a hospital scares me so. I see the memorials on the news for all the health workers and always send up prayers for them and You!!!
        Have a great day!

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        1. That’s so appreciated Chuck. I’m feeling very helpless now , praying for a vaccine soon. When I see these people who refuse to follow guidelines it’s very upsetting. Thank you for thinking of me. I’m thinking of you too. Stay safe. ❤️🌸😊🌹

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          1. So nice to know we are “Likewise”!!! I will keep that up!! You working in a hospital creates serious anxiety for me whenever I see/hear the news and think about you at work!!! Please tell me your work is able to properly supply you with PPE???
            Hope you are having a great weekend, My Dear!!

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          2. You’re so appreciated dear Chuck. We have PPE but many hospitals are running desperately low it’s just an unbelievable and tragic situation that doesn’t have to be this way and many lost lives could have been saved with Federal intervention. We will continue to die until life becomes more of an issue to the present government or they are replaced with one that will be accountable. Right now we are ranked at the bottom of nations controlling the pandemic along with Iran. If anyone had ever suggested that America would be in this situation and so callously cruel I would not have believed it. You stay safe dear Chuck. Sending love. ❤️💕

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      2. Thanks so much for sharing about your work, My Dear!! It’s beyond shameful, it’s criminal what is happening by not insuring that health professionals, Our Angels, have PPE! Happy you are being properly cared for!!! It makes me want to cry when I hear about Health Professionals dying, and I know it’s because of not getting the proper PPE!!
        You are a Precious Friend, Holly!!

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        1. You’re so kind and sweet and I so appreciate your enduring my rants.
          It’s a very sad situation across the nation and I’m praying for a vaccine and better treatments. Take very good care of yourself Chuck, stay safe, you are very much in my thoughts . ❤️🌹😘

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          1. Ha! You crack me up, Holly!! Rants? I think it’s a requirement that rants have to have four letter words and symbols !!**! LOL! I love to hear you get amped up! It’s so out of your normal, it’s get to hear/watch!
            Yes, it is sad but way beyond that because it could have been prevented and purposefully wasn’t – it’s criminal and it rips my heart out for all those that did not have to die, but for fools and criminals!
            I will take care and you do the same, Dearest!! Be very, very safe!! I’m happy to hear that because you are in my thoughts too, especially when I hear the Covid new and the weather reports!!!
            Hope your week is going well, Holly!

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      1. Oh, I only respond to pieces of writing I like. I don’t have the energy for things that aren’t my cup of tea.

        That said, I try to be generous if something might just not be my particular cup of tea, to NOT imply anything of the sort.

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