She no longer recalls or feels

Freedom is not a concept

The curve of her back is wired

with filament and straw fills

the space that held a heart

Constructed for crows her limbs

are stripped of flesh

her pupils fixed in the dark.

Her lips are strung with suffering

she no longer speaks because

there are no words that

cut deep enough.

Metal woman

112 thoughts on “effigy

  1. This resonates across worlds.
    This is so many twisting,
    tangled souls,
    invisible and invisible.

    I sit here,
    in this woman,
    in her wires
    and the hope of the loved she’d have known
    had the shape and artistry broken loose…

    and I hope suddenly for humanity
    (in a way that actua,ly means something again
    to all that lived here)
    because you shared this.

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      1. You could be like the “Attack of the 50 Foot Woman”, as a feminine Zozobra. If you want to only burn your bra, you could be a Zoza (Zoza is a commune on Corsica), but the name sounds cool, well hot really.

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  2. Magnificent Rene. Such powerful descriptive lines resound like the rhythmic crashing waves of conscience that true suffering was witnessed. What an incredibly art made all the more stunning by your poem.

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      1. Thank you Rene, the days are quiet but busy. My new norm. I should bottle those words. I have some Madagascar vanilla beans, I’m going to put into a bottle of J. T. Stagg Bourbon, 144 proof, and make my own vanilla extract with a kick. Oh the words will be joyous after a good bowl of homemade vanilla bourbon ice cream. 🀭😜

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          1. Well, that is a relief to hear!! Ha! Been trying to unbury myself from alerts and comments. I really worry about both of us being in States that are trying to be the number one state with new Covid cases!!! I’m hunkered down but I know that you have to go to work, hence my deep concern for your safety!!!
            Hope your TGIF is going well! Any fun plans for the weekend? BBQ, ride on the bike?
            Be safe, Dear!

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          2. We are expecting a storm over the weekend… Hurricane Isiisa… my friend lives on Merrit Island and I am afraid she may have to come down here. It always something these day, so no plans for the weekend but to hunker down.
            Keep watching for the light at the end of the tunnel, much love to you Chuck. Take care stay safe.


  3. Holly, I love your closing lines:

    Her lips are strung with suffering

    she no longer speaks because

    there are no words that

    cut deep enough.

    Two comments. Did the statue inspire the words or did you find picture of the statue after the words were created. I could envision the former. The other comment is for some reason, I unfollowed you without so doing or intending. This has happened before with the WordPress elves. I have remedied this.


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    1. Hi Keith, thank you so much. I actually wrote this poem a few years ago with a different image that has since disappeared (one that I think is much better than this one) but I felt this would do. thank you for the wonderful comment. I understand about the issue with being dropped from following, it happens all the time and is very annoying , thank you for finding me again.


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