Resa and Timothy’s creativity has been working overtime and I’m so glad to host this venture. I am pretty sure ZZ Topp is pleased to be a part of it too. Hurry, go on over! ❤

Graffiti Lux Art & More

H’eye all! Tonight I’m your host for a most thrilling announcement event! Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even is using 2 of Resa’s One-Eye drawings to adorn his custom made guitars.

Resa did this One-Eye drawing with Tim and his guitars in mind. It is the first time anyone has seen it, except Tim, myself & Boogapony.

Here is a slideshow of 10 other One-Eyes Resa has done.

Yes, there is 1 ~ One-Eye missing from the slideshow, and here it is!

Tim personally picked this blue One-Eye from Resa’s collection.

There will be much deliberation amongst the Art Gowns Models, as to how we would like to present these & possibly more guitars on Art Gowns. While we are waiting to hear from all of the Art Gowns Models, my totally hip cousin, Boogapony, would like to say a few words.

Click pic to view Jimi Hendrix Tribute

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35 thoughts on “One-Eye Art Gowns Guitars

  1. Thank you for the reblog, dear Holly!
    AND thank you to AGM Holly and Boogapony for showing up to host!
    PBH is in everyone of our gals! RR must be irritated not to have been asked, but she’s a Torch Song Diva. What vids would she have picked?
    You picked very cool tunes! xoxoxoxoxo

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      1. Listening to it now. Beautiful!
        Of course RR will be hosting the future post on Art Gowns, once the guitars are finished. There might be more, too, with other art (not mine) on them.
        We will use this song in the post!

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