172 thoughts on “Storms

      1. like a bird you descend, my heart rises, the laughter in your eyes, the sweet surprises, the delight I take in your time with me, more precious than anything, the way love ought to be…
        You have the beat, just let the rhythm take you, are you a singer…

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  1. Passion,
    unapologetic and transformative…
    burning through the world
    as it tries to catch you.
    The hobo in me
    connects hugely with this,
    wanting to leap off the train between stops
    and rediscover a precious place in the wild.

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          1. Given the number of times it has kept me writing, it was your heart in particular I was considering.
            Without such hearts, to keep the skies and the tides from being locked down, how many stars would we have left?

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          1. We were expecting rain today but the forecast has changed. Again. πŸ™‚
            We did get some rain yesterday which fooled us into thinking cooler times ahead…

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          2. Thanks. I hope things turn around down there… Honestly, this pandemic. It’s wreaking havoc with everything. If people would just shut up and do what is requested, this would be over so much faster.

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          1. Such an horrific time for storms , evacuating a lot of people would be a nightmare for them. I’m so hoping it will drift out to see. I think this is going to be a very bad year for hurricanes . 🌹❀️

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          2. Sadly, I think you will be right about the hurricanes! Happy to know you are ok!! NC got hit pretty bad. They had tornado’s on top of the storm. I hate seeing those photos of someone’s home looking like a bomb went off!! Yes, and then there are all the power outages that affect hospitals and vital services.
            Makes it a bit of a chore to stay happy sometimes!!!
            Happy you are safe, My Dear!

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          3. Holly!!! Please don’t put that out in the Universe. Those things could be easier to come true!! I’m not suspicious or anything!! LOL Yes, I feel for them too! It is so easy to visualize them. Happy you were not in the path now or for the rest of the season!!! I’m counter-acting you now!! Ha!
            Sweet Dreams,

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