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watercolor 8 x 10 7/2020

Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping.

…….hubert reeves 

I number among the fortunate humans to have experienced the deep intimacy of the forests, lakes, streams and oceans. Is it any wonder that our species is blatantly destroying our beautiful gift of nature when they have not truly tasted that gift. How many spend time laying on their backs watching the vastness of the sky, listening to the birds calling, smell the richness of the soil. Too busy. Too busy following thoughts that lie to us telling us that whatever task or activity may be before us is more important than taking the moment to greet the day prayerfully or stop to assist one in need. Peace is already within us we have only…

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37 thoughts on “the woods

  1. What a magnificent picture.

    With me, it was giant jellyfish (or so they seemed, those bell-shaped mountains) in the rainswept highlands…

    Wash me down and hold me.
    Envelop me in cloud.
    Protect me in your crown of tears,
    your crazy safe place,
    rolling down through bell-shaped mountains –
    jellyfish sobs.

    Streams of your galloping, weeping wetness,
    burning down through awestruck eyes,
    soaking through my soul…
    tumbling down leviathan pleats.

    Guiding me home
    in spite of all timetables.

    Guiding me to you,
    to somewhere elsewhere.
    Building a place in my heart
    where you can gaze down…
    where you can smile…
    just like the eyes of mountains do.

    A wetness to dissolve in…
    to lose yourself in the communion of
    all things washed away
    and all things coming up for air,
    unzipping stars and forests
    from the ocean you left on the soles of my shoes…
    from feet that would never walk dry again.

    I am the pilgrim you baptised in giant weeping jellyfish,
    a life rekindled in a land vast enough for giants,
    deep enough for clouds,
    close enough to hold.

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        1. I can never resist the beautiful artwork and words of wisdom from Gretchen Del Rio. I’m glad you enjoyed Shey, You’ll find so many wonderful pieces of artwork at her blog. It’s mind blowing!


  2. Holly, I absolutely adore the Hubert Reeves quote! I shared in an older post attending two separate meetings with a selection of religious leaders, which starts like a joke – a rabbi, a priest, an imam, a hindu leader and a preacher. They spoke of how God told us through various scriptures that we have dominion over the animals and land, but we also have the duty to preserve them. This was around the time, Pope Francis, who is a trained chemist, wrote of the risk of climate change and doing something about it. Keith

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