I wrote this poem for you

I want it to be perfect

its verses as bright as a

summer day in a garden

we created among billows

of blossoms  ascending carnations

lean back in our rose colored swing

while I surrender to a dream

until it’s  time for me to go

I don’t want to own

I just want to be here

Translation By Bernd @ Neues Vom Hutschi

Ich schrieb dieses Gedicht
nur für dich.
Ich möchte, dass es perfekt sei,
mit Versen, hell wie ein
ein Sommertag.
Wallende Wolken,
aufsteigende Nelken
aus einem Garten, den ich erschaffen habe.
Lehn dich zurück in meine Rosenblüte,
eine farbige Schaukel und
geb dich Tagträumen hin,
bis es Zeit ist zu gehen.
Ich möchte, dass du regierst …
Ich will nicht besitzen,
nur dabei sein.

81 thoughts on “I wrote this for you

  1. You see, my dear Holly, I feel like every poem you write is for me.
    Oh; I know you didn’t, but there is something personal that myself, and I believe many who adore your poetry, take to heart when your words are read.
    It’s your special touch.
    To me, you are like a musician who can’t read music, but plays by ear and from the heart.

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      1. Uch.. they cancelled! Rats, because they play jazz like…Frank Zappa “Hot Rats”.
        They will come back!
        So Friday is the next night…for Rock music!
        lol… so , I got a text from a GF of one of the guys. Wanna come down?
        NO, I don’t want to come down and mingle with GF’s. NO GF’s! No Pals!
        This is not a party hub during Covid!
        Why am I the person who says if it is okay or not? I am not a doctor or scientist.
        I seem to be the Covid party pooper around here.

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        1. Maybe you can get a bit if their session taped. I am so the party pooper about getting together. I don’t even want anyone at my door without a mask. I am the mask police. Don’t be bullied. Stay safe. ❤️😷😷

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          1. Love you!!!
            I will not be bullied…. or in the case of the musicians pod, I will not be begged!
            I know many are aching to hear live music, be cool, party and that I am VERY fortunate that I get to hear the music through my floor, but we must stay safe.
            People are sick and tired of Covid. BUT Covid is not tired of making us sick. ❤️😷😷

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          2. Yeah, and it’s crazy because we can’t get over it. It’s here forever. A vaccine will help, but almost everyone has to get one…. and they are saying that like the flu, maybe once a year.
            Until we have one, it’s all about mitigation.

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  2. Wow! You surely know how to craft your words and thoughts so they reach me, Dear!! I love the elegant and wistful way you use your words to paint an amazing mental image!! Bellissimo, Holly, Bellissimo!

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    1. Thank you for your amazing response to this poem and your unwavering friendship.
      I’ve been relying on my archives for poetry these days but it’s fun to revisit and there are always adjustments that improve ones writing on second go round don’t you agree? Be well and safe. 🌹🤗🌺

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      1. So happy to let you know how wonderful your writing really is!! What? Are there “Wavering Friendships”!! Well, not mine!!
        I have done that in 2018 and it was nice to have them reposted since the number of my followers had increased!! I’m sure that is true for you! And Hey! If they are 2017 or earlier they are new to me and others I’m sure!! Easier for you too? Yes, I do agree that it is good to revisit what I’ve written and sometimes I find there is a better way to say something or something I want to add. Plus, strangely, sometimes I find new seeds of inspiration in my own pieces!! I love that!!
        You don’t have any storms headed your way do you? The news here doesn’t always show things until it gets dramatic. You be well and safe too, Dear!!

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        1. You’re really incredibly generous and talented. Collaboration sounds great, I like what you have done. I’m so super busy lately your suggestion is perfect. We will talk further but I really like what you did and feel free to posy it when and if you want. I will be very honored! ❤️💕😊💕

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