The Sad Café …

Notes From Afar

There is nothing in the back of this cafe. It sits right on the margin between the edge of the world and infinite possibilities.

Gloria Naylor, Bailey’s Café

Image Source: Pinterest

The Sad Cafe V

A Love Story by Holly Hunter and Hyperion Sturm

By Holly Hunter

When all that I want is so far away
and all that is left is solitude,
I chant your name through warm
currents of breath or sharp ice
shadows of entities.
I’ve etched my likeness into the stars
a dreamer in fields of flowers
a bouquet of affection fragile jonquils
pressed against a heart.
Tethered to cloud banks of silvery sleep
we meet in fantasies and the
sweetness of a lover’s suffering


The Sad Cafe seemed to show its age. The awning was dulled by the accumulation of time and the brass handle no longer glittered in the light cast by…

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56 thoughts on “The Sad Cafe V

      1. We people share a collective consciousness I believe, and for that reason perhaps we often resonate ourselves with someone else’s thought or even life with ours. In that similar way maybe, I felt your words…. Good or bad, don’t know actually, while reading I felt your words…. ❤

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          1. I think we all squirrel things don’t we. Bring bits of ourselves and others to things. I cannot wait to see how this turns out. I just love your rich, evocative, poetry and I am loving how I cip over and read this next bit that is very different

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  1. OBOY!!
    Your poem is stunning! It’s perfect for this Sad Cafe serial.
    Okay, making dinner is upon me, so I will head over to Dan’s after dinner. I’m excited to see how he has co-mingled/paralleled the story and this poem.
    Went on a 4 hour walk today…. found a half blonde half red haired Queen. Of course I though of you!

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      1. LOL!
        Just you is fabulous!
        It is interesting how bits of street art, here and there, remind me of you.
        There is a universal look, appeal and romance about you. (a big part of it is your poetry, and zest to connect with other bloggers).
        Look how much you have inspired me with our characters, Hyperion’s duet with you and all the sharing you do on your blog, even at the point of keeping Gursky out here.
        Tim is so sweet. After the big wind storm, one of the first things he did was go and make sure the Tangle Heart Tree was okay, and it is. Whew!

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        1. The sweetest thing anyone’s said to me! But that is who you are, always building up our self esteem . It takes such a special person and that is you. I can never thank you enough though. You are loved! Sweet Timothy, what would We do without him in this crazy world. I had no idea the Tangle Heart was in danger. Be super careful out there Tim! And especially you Resa, out there in the alleys, I do worry! We have to Rock and Roll and write and sew tonight ! 🍷🍷

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  2. I am again thrilled that the Sad Cafe is still well received. Your poems add such a deep dimension to the story. It’s like we go into Renate’s thoughts as she recalls her feelings in the maelstrom of her journey. London will surely sort things out and a stay at St. Tropez is usually a good way to get reacquainted. And now I must borrow a poem to open the scene. If you hear a noise in the closet at House of Heart, it’s just me reading your poetry and sighing.

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