Dip your fingers in oceans of light

tiny moons in outstretched hands

a remembrance of our open palms

sifting through transparent time

powerless to reverse the hours

Nendo's out of the box hourglasses explore time passing

Neruda’s “Ode To Time” (excerpt)

My eyes have burned out in your beauty

but you are my eyes.

I perhaps exhausted your breasts

beneath my kisses but the world knows

your secret splendor is my happiness.

Love, what does it matter that time,

the very time that raised two flames,

two waving heads of wheat,

my body and your gentleness,

tomorrow will hold them safe

118 thoughts on “The Hour Glass

  1. Beautiful, nay passionate come romantic, poetry.
    Where do you end and Neruda begin? Or, is it rather; Where does Neruda end and you begin?
    You are seamless with this great poet.

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  2. Just like time that stays within the glass Rene, so does the beauty of your words which will never run out either. So many beautiful lines that are lasting in this ode🌹. True beauty!

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  3. You team well with Neruda. It’s seamless actually. There is a timeless magic in bringing forward the past into your own and mastering it. Now, to sit quiet and bask in this for a while.

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