My animal guide is a Falcon

with   wings spread wide

still I never glide over snow

covered mountains or deserts

come alive with cactus flower

below a sunset fading like

autumns overripe fruit.

Even  in dreams I concede  I am not a bird

but never really earthbound.

Image result for Karol Bak art bird lady

art by Karol Bak

127 thoughts on “of Falcons

  1. Beautiful poem and what a powerful spirit bird and connector of a higher power. So beautiful!
    I used to fly everynight in my dreams but now, I don’t need to get away from anything.. I did love it though. Sail through your day and night free as a bird.. ❤️ xo Cindy

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  2. Such a vision of freedom, sailing in the wind with a view of all things below. It is true we cannot fly, instead we have our dreams and imagination and there are no limits to what we can see there. I do love the enchantments you create, Rene. Some kinda magic there. 😌🦅

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  3. Wow Holly!! Really love this!! There is something about flight that seems to symbolize freedom! When asked what animal you would want to be, my answer is always an Eagle. Falcons are the fastest animal on earth – over 300 miles an hour in a dive!!! So, you are a speed freak? Ha, ha! Oh, yes your bike??? This was awesome!!

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  4. I missed this post, Holly . However I read the poem but I had to think about before commenting . Then I forgot! I am sorry.
    And I am amazed by the beautiful comments above .
    I like this poem and flying like a falcon asks many qualities .
    Love ❤

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      1. Strange how I never dreamed of flying as a bird. I did skydive a few times though. But I can understand the need to run away. I’m posptoning looking at charts to update my post on the elections forecast until the 15th… Don’t want to ruin the next 8 days… 🙏🏻

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  5. A beautiful soulful poem let our spirits take flight into an exotic realm of dreams , Holly. What a fly to fly , even if only in dreams but Falcon girl, that’s a beautiful way to fly. 🤗❤️

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