I’ve  unfastened  knots

expunged cruel disputes

expelled grief to an acceptable level

Hidden sadness behind a wink and smile

cast all  doubts out to sea

We’ve conquered the boundaries of both hemispheres

where we traveled half-blind in the mist

Let me have you hold you adore you once more

and if it  don’t work out then you can tell me goodbye.

Night Music

103 thoughts on “Just Once More

  1. Dear Holly,
    Perhaps this is a melancholy piece of prose, but I see it as hopeful, and positive.
    All actions were taken, to start afresh.
    Perhaps it will work out this time, as maturity seems to have a hold.
    Well, I always want love to work out, and I hope good-bye is not necessary.

    A rich & gorgeous poem, and a beautiful song by Joss!

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      1. I try to be intellectual about your work. It is in a league of its own, and deserves quality responses. Right or wrong, whether it’s what you meant or not, I give it a go!

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        1. You’re too adorable. Remember how intellectual we felt digging the tunnel with Dan and the groundhogs? A little nip makes us all intellectuals. Thank you sweet lady. Cheers to us. 🥂🍻🍷🍷xoxo

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          1. Yes…well Groundhogs usually graduate at the top of their mounds. Very smart critters… glad to be in their company! 🥂🍻🍷🍷xoxo Oh what the heck! 🥂🍻🍷🍷xoxo


  2. Mother Gaia, I felt that one. Have my head elves been confessing again? Those Little rascals. One more moment for love before goodbye is always the moment already gone. It’s the cruelest cut the heart must endure. There is the pain reduced to an acceptable level, I love that. There are the memories before the pain and the longing for that too. Beautifully done Rene. And Mlle. Stone renders a mesmerizing conclusion. You define the agony of ecstasy with your poetry and artistic selections.


  3. Beautiful and sad and so real. This touched me deeply. And what a perfect song (that inspired you or you found to go with, perfectly?)


  4. She’s wonderful, so are you. And she goes perfectly with all your words say here. till that sweet hope something will be right, leaving us with that hope but knowing it probably will not.


  5. Wow…never heard that rendition. Your poem is beautiful. …travelled half blind in the mist. I think that’s how we live life and never even know it. That line is so true for so many reasons. Wonderful.


  6. Wonderful words Holly… These especially touched me.. “Hidden sadness behind a wink and smile” I wonder how many more do just that..
    Sending Love your way.. Thank you for the music…. Love and Hugs ❤

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