I wonder about your kiss

does it taste of honeyed oranges

summer has turned to fall and

my hair is the color of autumn leaves

for you I’ve a garland of abalone that

I plucked from the banks of the river

Though I have wrapped you in the

warm breeze of my embrace

I fear we will never kiss

still memory loves you

87 thoughts on “Memory Loves You

  1. The perfect accord of music and poetry, Rene. I’ll confess my addiction, which I find the greatest joy in feeding. I love the thought of memory still holding love. Bittersweet at times, those memories can still sustain us. The song had the same soft and smooth notes like your poem, like those memories. Beautifully done, Rene.

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  2. How sweetly melancholy, Holly!
    Seems we share a fear…………………………………….. somewhere ……….
    Maybe on that breeze you mentioned?

    First time hearing this song, that voice dripping with honey. Love it!

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    1. Thank you dear one, such a heartbreaking fear. I think the lyrics to this song speak to us about longing and the probability that it will be unfulfilled but we will keep that dream in our memory forever.

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