Gangsta rat. Banksy expo, Paris, 2019

Have Gangsta rats taken over? I can think of a few names.

“Last of Banksy”? No worry, as far as I know Banksy is alive and well. I’m just running out of material. Banksy’s. No fear. Plenty of other stuff. Those are my last photos of Banksy’s fab’ expo last year in Paris. Enjoy.

“Fly, fly…” sang Nat King Cole in a – oh so – distant past.

Wagner’s Walkyries come to mind. Apocalypse “now”?

CND Soldiers

I can’t help but feeling concerned that the Tramp claims the “support of 200 generals”. Correct me if I’m wrong, isn’t the Army pledged to the Constitution first and foremost?

Stood up.

Artificial intelligence. The way of the future… Have you tried making an appointment with any service provider lately? “Press 16 if you want to talk to a…

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19 thoughts on “The last of Banksy

  1. Let the invisible girls fly away.
    Let the helicopters
    shoot through the walls.
    Let the petals fall…
    and then,
    see what you have left.
    See who cares,
    who sees,
    who cries…
    But chances are,
    you’ll barely see those silhouettes,
    nodding recognition from the far horizon.
    Or maybe
    you’ll be the one…

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  2. So interesting! I’m heading over to E’s blog!
    I found 1 Banksy in Toronto. He did 7 pieces over 2 nights. It’s the only one left.
    People literally took off doors, and took out chunks of wall with his art, within hours.
    The one that’s left has heavy duty plexiglass bolted over it, and is behind a link fence w/security camera.
    I managed to squeeze inside, totake pics.
    Lol! xoxo

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